Oshindonga/English - English/Oshindonga Dictionary

Oshindonga/English - English/Oshindonga Dictionary Embwiitya by Johannes Jurgens Viljoen, Petrus Amakali and Martha Namuandi.
Viljoen, Johannes Jurgens; Amakali, Petrus; Namuandi, Martha
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Title: Oshindonga/English - English/Oshindonga dictionary (embwiitya)
Editors: Johannes Jurgens Viljoen, Petrus Amakali, Martha Namuandi
Namibia Publishing House (Pty) Ltd
Reprint. Windhoek, Namibia 2018
ISBN 0868481823 / ISBN 0-86848-182-3
ISBN 9780868481821 / ISBN 978-0-86848-182-1
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 109 pages

About: Oshindonga/English - English/Oshindonga Dictionary

Oshindonga, a standardized dialect of the Ovambo language, is spoken in Namibia and parts of Angola. Oshindonga is intelligible with Kwanyama, the other Ovambo dialect with a standard written form. With about 810000, Oshindonga has the largest number of speakers in Namibia. This useful dictionary is a reprint of the first edition which was published in 1984 by Macmillan Education Namibia Publishers (Pty) Ltd.

Content: Oshindonga/English - English/Oshindonga Dictionary

A. Pronunciation
B. Dictionary (English)

The Verb
The Noun
The Adjective
The Subject Concord
C. Embwiitya (Oshindonga)
Vocabulary A-Z