Nelson Mandela: The Authorised Comic

This is the authorised comic about the life story of Nelson Mandela.
The Nelson Mandela Foundation
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Title: Nelson Mandela: The Authorised Comic
Author: The Nelson Mandela Foundation
Publisher: Jonathan Ball
Cape Town / Johannesburg, South Africa, 2011
ISBN 9781868424771 / ISBN 978-1-86842-477-1
Softcover, 24x28 cm, 204 pages, throughout colour drawings.


Created and desined by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, this authorised comic on the life story of Nelson Mandela aimes at young people and is recommended for usage within the South African school system. The comic depicts the exciting story of a young herd boy who was to grow up to become a lawyer, a freedom fighter, South Africa’s first democratically elected president and the beloved grandfather of a nation. This book began as a series of eight comics distributed free by the Nelson Mandela Foundation in partnership with comic publisher Umlando Wezithombe between 2005 and 2007.