Windhoek. A brief city guide

This brief city guide is an ideal companion while exploring historical locations of Namibia's capital city, Windhoek.
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Title: Windhoek
Subtitle: A brief city guide
Author: Conny von Dewitz
Genre: City guide
Publisher: Kuiseb-Verlag
Windhoek, Namibia 2009
ISBN 9789991640891 / ISBN 978-99916-40-89-1
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 128 pages, many colour and bw photos, maps

About: Windhoek. A brief city guide

This brief city guide is an ideal companion in your exploration of Windhoek, situated in the heart of Namibia and starting point for all consecutive journeys. A short text provides you with the historical background. Historical photos and colour photos of the present show the development of a particular building, monument or graveyard. An additional section is dedicated to the suburb Katutura and elaborates on its history as well as on places worth visiting. Geared with directions to the location and relevant maps will guarantee you to find your destination.

Content: Windhoek. A brief city guide

Foreword by the Mayor of the City of Windhoek
Interesting facts
A brief chronology of Windhoek

Historical buildings
Alte Feste
Kaiserliche Realschule
Chief Justice dwelling
Von Estorff-house
Orban school
Conservatoire (High Court)
Government officials dwelling „n"
Gathemann House
Erkrath building
Kronprinz Hotel
Dernburg House
Kaiserliches Landesvermessungsamt
Station building
Old Prison
Kaiserliches Bezirksgericht
Elisabeth House
Felsenkeller Brewery
Roman-Catholic Cathedral
Catholic Mission Church
Evangelic Diocese
Rhenish Mission Church
Ten Men House
Schwerinsburg (Sperlingslust)
Kock & Schmidt building
Statues, monuments and museums
Reiterdenkmal (Equestrian statue)
Curt von Franfois statue
Dolerite obelisk
War Memorial at the Zoo-Park
Elephant Memorial at the Zoo-Park
Hendrik Samuel Witbooi
Theophelus Hamutumbangela
Hosea Kutako
Kudu statue
Gibeon meteorites
Ovambo campaign memorial
Illing locomotive
Oudstryder monument
Heroes' acre
Owela Museum
Geological Survey Museum
List of museums in Windhoek
Recent buildings
Bank of Namibia
Windhoek Municipality
Sanlam building
Supreme Court building
Main post office (Nampost)
Namdeb building
National Council building
National Theatre of Namibia
Namibia Scientific Society
National Archives of Namibia &
Namibia National Library
National Botanical Research Institute
Franco Namibian Cultural Centre
The history
Formal settlements
Informal settlements
Soweto Market
Oshetu Market
Habitat Centre
Penduka - „Wake up"
Leutwein cemetry - eastern part
Leutwein cemetry - western part
Old Location cemetry
Gammams cemetry
John Ludwig mausoleum
List of places of interest in central Windhoek
Map: Places of interest in central Windhoek
List of places of interest in Katutura
Map: Gammams cemetry, Old Location cemetry &
Catholic Mission Church in Pionierspark
Map: John Ludwig mausoleum in Ludwigsdorf
Map: Places of interest in Katutura