Journal 58-2010 (Namibia Scientific Society)

A scientific series published by the Namibia Scientific Society, this is the Journal Nr. 58 from 2010.
Reith, Wolfgang; Bridgeford, Peter; Bridgeford, Marilyn; Smolarski, Rene; Graz, F. Patrick
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Title: Journal 58-2010
Series: Journal, Volume 58
Authors: as listed below
Genre: Scientific Journal
Publisher: Namibia Scientific Society
Windhoek, Namibia 2010
ISSN 1018-7677
ISBN 9789991640976 / ISBN 978-99916-40-97-6
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 80 pages, numerous b/w photographs, texts in English and German


Very good. Fewest traces of usage.


In 2010 the Journal's 58th volume was published by the Namibia Scientific Society. Due to the Journal's specific low print run the copies were sold out within the same year and are difficult to find nowadys. The cover photo shows J. Albertyn's drawing of church at Grootfontein-Süd 1878-1881, and referrs to Peter and Marilyn Bridgeford's highly interesting contribution on first settlers in the Maltahöhe district. If you wish to contribe to the Journal make yourself familiar with the guidelines for authors, please.

Content: Journal 58-2010 (Namibia Scientific Society)

Gouverneure, Administratoren, Präsidenten: Wer repräsentierte und regierte Südwestafrika / Namibia in den 125 Jahren von 1884 bis 2009? (Wolfgang Reith)
First settlers in the Maltahöhe district (Peter and Marilyn Bridgeford)
Die sprachwissenschaftliche Arbeit Rheinischer Missionare im Hereroland (Rene Smolarski)
The use of fire as a management tool in the savanna and woodland areas of Namibia (F. Patrick Graz)