Namibia Unique

In Unique Namibia Hentie Burger has presented his home country in stunning photographic splendour and in remarkable creative expression of Namibian photography.
Burger, Hentie
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Title: Namibia Unique
Photographer: Hentie Burger
Genre: Photo book
Publisher: Foto Namibia
Windhoek, Namibia 2019
ISBN 9789994588947 / ISBN 978-99945-88-94-7
Hardcover, 27 x 27 cm, 236 pages, throughout photographs, text in English and German

About: Namibia Unique

The beauty of the Namibian landscapes, architecture and its people is without question the most unique and stunning scenery to behold. While many may agree to the incredible natural beauty of Namibia and perhaps recall some of their travels, the next best thing to touring Namibia in person is admiring its epic beauty as captured on camera by photographer Hentie Burger. In his photo book 'Unique Namibia' he has presented his home country in stunning photographic splendour. Dubbed as a praise song for all things uniquely Namibian, Namibia Unique is a retrospective portfolio showcasing 42 years of Hentie Burger's work from 1978 until 2019. The photo book is designed into six distinctive chapters, featuring landscapes and people from across Namibia. Photography in the book is both digital and analogue, with most of them taken by plane. Colour and detail are kept to a minimum to allow other emotions to be evoked.

Table of content: Namibia Unique

Climatic interference
Sense Namibia

List of big size photographs: Namibia Unique

Northern Namib Sand Sea
Brandberg & Ugab mountain folds
Twyfelfontein (top), Burnt Mountain (bottom)
Ugab mountain folds
Start of the Hartmann's valley
Sperrgebiet near Aus
Etosha Pan
Blue Wildebeest on Etosha Pan
Etosha Pan
Blue Wildebeest on Etosha Pan (top), Spring, Etosha F
Animal tracks, Etosha Pan
Kalahari desert, near Aroab
Fish River Canyon
Hoarusib River, near Khowarib
Kunene River, near Serra Cafema
Epupa Falls
Epupa Falls (top), Uniab River at Palmwag (bottom)
Namib Sand Sea, south of Walvis Bay
Otavi shipwreck
Namib Sand Sea at Lüderitz
Cape Cross salt pan
Petrified Namib dunes
Near the confluence of the Ugab and the Hout rivers
Hout River
Bogenfels, south of Lüderitz
Farm Wüstenquell
Ugab Menhir
Giants' Playground, near Keetmanshoop
Farm Simplon, near Keetmanshoop
Kuck-Aus, Farm Paddaput, near Aus
Garub, near Aus
Koichab depression, near Lüderitz
Khumib River
Kuiseb River, near Gobabeb
Coastline near Hentie's Bay
Koichab Pan, near Lüderitz
Spitzkoppe, near Usakos
Shamvura, Kavango region
Farm Langviakte, near Aroab
Farm Namtib (top), Tsauchab River (bottom)
Khomas Hochland, near Windhoek
Salvadora spring, Etosha Pan
Diep River, near Solitaire
Chudob waterhole, Etosha Pan
Aerial view of a spring on the Etosha Pan
Gemsbokwater, Namib-Naukluft Park
Gai Ais fountain (top), Auses, Hoanib River (bottom)
De Riei near confluence of the Huab and Aba-Huab rivers
Namib dunes, near Gobabeb
Mopane leaf (top), Devil's claw (bottom)
Dollar bush, near Swakopmund
Moringa ovalifolia (top), Mopane at Khowarib Schlucht (bottom)
Pachypodium lealii at Palmwag
!Nara (top), Crinum paluclosum at farm Sandhof (bottom)
Baobab, near Epupa (top), Camel-thorn tree at farm Simplon (bottom)
Petrified tree, near Gai Ais fountain
Namib Edelweiss
Elephants-foot, Ogams fountain
Mesosaurus fossil, near Keetmanshoop
Damara dik-dik, near Namutoni, Etosha (bottom)
Flamingos, Etosha Pan
Desert-adapted giraffe, Amspoort, Hoanib River
Rubbing stone for desert-adapted Black Rhinoceros (top)
Black-faced Impala
Carmine Bee-Eaters, near Katima Mulilo
Rüppell's Korhaan
Desert-adapted elephant, Amspoort, Hoanib River
Horseshoe Bend, Bwabwata National Park
Sanga cattle, Zambezi River
Hout River
Animal tracks, Etosha Pan
Rock, Brandberg West
Aerial view of Etosha Pan
Milky Way
"Fairy circles", Giribis flats
Tracks of desert-aciapted elephant (left) and Siciewinding adder (right)
Mukorob, near Asab