More Bird Calls for Beginners

The guide More Bird Calls for Beginners includes a CD with 99 southern African bird calls Book with descriptions.
Newman, Doug
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Title: More Bird Calls for Beginners
Type: Bird Guide
Author: Doug Newman
Imprint: Nature
Publisher: Random House Struik
Cape Town, South Africa 2009
ISBN 9781770078000 / ISBN 978-1-77007-800-0
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 64 pages, 1 Audio CD


Bird calls are an important identification tool for many species. In his second bird call guide Doug Newman describes a further 99 birds and their calls, which are featured on the enclosed CD. The birds range from those that are common and widely distributed, to a few species that are rare or highly sought after by birders. Here you'll discover the beautiful, musical whistle of a Willow Warbler, the eerie screech of a Barn Owl, the infantile cry of a Trumpeter Hornbill, and the exuberant chatter of an Arrow-marked Babbler, among many others. In the guide, birds are shown in full-colour photographs, along with distribution maps and concise text about their habitat, behaviour, feeding and nesting preferences, as well as descriptions of their calls.

Content: More Bird Calls for Beginners

Introduction to bird sounds
How to use this book
Bird calls and songs
99 birds featured in full colour with simple text and maps
CD with 99 bird calls (audio format: mp3)

Example: Great Crested Grebe / Kuifkopdobbertjie

Great Crested Grebes are nomadic and fairly common in Gauteng and the Western Cape. They are less often found in Limpopo and the Free State. You can spot them at large bodies of water, where they spend most of their time floating in the open. Although they do not migrate, they will move to a new area when water levels drop too low. Small fish are their favourite food, but they also eat a range of water insects. The nest is a platform made of reeds and other plant matter; it is tied to a water plant to stop it from floating away. The distinctive, harsh 'hoo-raaaaahhh' call is unmistakable.

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