Making Money out of Property in South Africa

This is a clear, well-written and factual perspective on the South African property market
Lee, Jason
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Author: Jason Lee
Publisher: Zebra Press
Cape Town, 2008
ISBN: 9781770220232
Soft cover, 17x23 cm, 208 pages

Making Money out of Property in South Africa Dieses Fachbuch erklärt wie in Südafrika mit Grundstücken und Immobilien erfolgreich gemakelt wird. Als potentieller Käufer werden Sie mehr von den Mechanismen und den Regeln des südafrikanischen Immobilienmarktes erfahren wollen. Das erfahren Sie hier.


In this updated edition of South Africa’s bestselling property book, Jason Lee takes account of changes in the property market. There is a new chapter on tax issues, endorsed by KPMG.

The book takes readers through every step of the property process, including how to find the right deals, how to negotiate and finance a property, and whether to hold onto or sell the property for financial gain.

It focuses on subjects that the professionals usually keep close to their chest, such as how to best utilise agreements of sale, property investment structures, financing options and key economic factors influencing the property cycle.

This accessible guide is a must-read for any first-time property purchaser or investor, and even for experienced investors looking to polish their skills.

About the Author:

Jason Lee has a BA LLB degree from the University of Cape Town, and has in recent years acted as legal and corporate advisor to Cape Town-based property financiers in multimillion-rand property deals both in South Africa and abroad. He is the co-founder and a director of TCB Properties, a cutting edge and dynamic property development company.

The Foreword by Pam Golding

‘This is a clear, well-written and factual perspective on the South African property market. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and admire Jason’s courage in tackling such an important subject in such detail.

Jason has gone to great lengths to cover a wide range of subjects, which provides a readable, informative guide to anyone interested in property, particularly those new to the market; although even seasoned property veterans, such as experienced buyers and sellers, investors and agents, will find much to entertain them. If I’d had access to such a book 45 years ago, when I started Pam Golding Properties on my own, it would have been enormously helpful to me.

There is no doubt that buying property is an emotional experience, and because of this, I feel it’s imperative to keep the mind focused on the practical, business side of the transaction and not be too heavily swayed by the glamour and excitement. This book will help with the small but important details that are often overlooked during the exhilaration of the process.
Jason quite rightly covers the potential hazards as well. He explains the strong role the economy plays in market fluctuations and addresses concerns over ‘the property bubble bursting’.

From my point of view, I believe in property and the emotional and financial value associated with bricks and mortar. South Africa is in an upbeat economy right now, the property market is booming worldwide. It is truly an exciting time.

However, as with all important decisions in life, we have a responsibility to practice caution by arming ourselves with knowledge. Only a fool treads into unknown territory with their eyes shut. Know your market (any market) before you spend even one cent on it.

Conduct all your business transactions with integrity, ethics and professionalism and you will earn the respect and trust of your peers. And, finally, one is never too old to learn a few new tricks, which is why reading this book has been such a delight’


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