Journey into the Unknown

Journey into the Unknown relates the moving and exciting story of Dr Kalumbi Shangula, Namibia's Minister of Health and Social Services.
Shangula, Kalumbi
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Titel: Journey into the Unknown
Author: Kalumbi Shangula
Genre: Namibia Autobiography
Publisher: Kuiseb Publishers
Windhoek, Namibia 2020
ISBN 9789994576678 / ISBN 978-99945-76-67-8
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 120 pages

About: Journey into the Unknown

Journey into the Unknown is organized in fourteen chapters, preceded by a foreword by the Founding President, Dr. Sam Nujoma. Chapter l articulates the rationale for and the purpose of writing this book. Chapter 2 gives a brief history of Namibia. The next two chapters describe the author's upbringing in order to elucidate the environment in which he grew up as well as the events that shaped his character and that had a bearing on his later decisions and actions. The next two chapters describe the events that led to the author's political awakening, the apartheid system, student life in South Africa and the socio-economic conditions in Namibia.

The reader of Journey into the Unknown will then learn about the author's departure to Angola, the hazards of his journey, his group's ignorance and naivety with regard to geographic, topographic and environmental conditions in Angola, his arrests and "justified lies" as a survival strategy, the escape from custody in Angola and finally the departure from Angola into Zambia. Chapter 8 describes the journey beyond the borders of Angola into Zambia, undertaken on foot, and the invention of the concept of "Boeing ooo" - and finally the arrival in Kalabo, the nearest town on the other side of the Angolan border in Zambia.

This story is followed by a description of life in exile, starting with the forced relocation of newly arrived Namibians to the Maheba Refugees Centre in Zambia, military training in the Soviet Union, the effect of detente on the liberation struggle, medical studies in Moscow, the founding of a family, my graduation as a medical doctor and our return to Angola. The chapter ends with the description of life at the Peter Nanyemba Military Hospital where the author of Journey into the Unknown spent five years, from 1984 to 1989.

Chapter 10 and 11 describe the repatriation of former exiles to Namibia, the joy of returning home, the fear and apprehension of the returnees and the reunion with family members, relatives and friends, their resettlement and employment, the elections and the proclamation of Namibia's independence in 1990. Chapter 12 deals with my experience in the public service of Namibia, the challenges facing the newly constituted unitary health service and the interface between political and administrative heads of an office, the ministry or agency of government. Chapter 13 is devoted to tragedies that befell our two families.

Content: Journey into the Unknown

Foreword by Dr. Sam Nujoma
Preface by the Author
Why Writing?
A Brief History of Namibia
Early Childhood
Political Awakening
Defining Events
Journey into the Unknown
Arrival in Zambia Chapter
Life in Exile
Life after Exile
Being a Civil Servant
Doors Closing
Conferment of National Honou