Insects of South Africa (Pocket Guide)

The Pocket Guide to Insects of South Africa features some 431 insects species.
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Title: Insects of South Africa
Series: Pocket Guide
Author: Mike Picker; Charles Griffiths
Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa 2016
ISBN 9781775841951 / ISBN 978-1-77584-195-1
Softcover, 11 x 18 cm, 160 pages, 400 colour photographs


The Pocket Guide to Insects of South Africa covers some of the more common and interesting insects of the region. As only a fraction of the 100,000-odd South African species can be dealt with, many of the entries have been written at the family level. Thus it might not always be possible to identify a particular insect to species using this guide, but since most members of a particular insect family are similar in appearance, behaviour and ecology, it should be possible to identify it to family level. The structure of the book uses the order as the starting point for each new section, e.g. order Coleoptera (beetles) The next classification level, the family, follows. At least one family representative has been shown for each of the families covered. For each entry (whether family, genus or species) a distribution map is provided.

These maps refer to the distribution of the entry (typically a family) and display the likely distribution of that family in the region, not that of the single representative species shown for that family. In the case of a genus or species entry, the map shown represents the distribution of that genus or species. Occasionally, the reader may find an insect outside of the shown distribution range given in the map. This is because the maps give only the probable distribution range of the entry - detailed distributional data for most South African insects is not available. To complicate matters, insects are mobile and can change their distribution very rapidly in response to short-term climatic fluctuations. In the case of family entries, component species may vary widely in size and a range is given.

Content: Pocket Guide to Insects of South Africa

Insect body parts
Insect life cycles
Importance of insects
Where to find insects
How to use this book
Species accounts
Springtails: Collembola
Diplurans: Diplura
Bristletails: Archaeognatha
Mayflies: Ephemeroptera
Damselflies and dragonflies: Odonata
Cockroaches: Blattodea
Termites: Isoptera
Mantids: Mantodea
Earwigs: Dermaptera
Stoneflies: Plecoptera
Crickets, katydids, grasshoppers
and locusts: Orthoptera
Webspinners: Embiidina (Embioptera)
Heelwalkers: Mantophasmatodea
Stick insects: Phasmatodea
Psocids (Booklice): Psocoptera
Lice: Phthiraptera
Bugs: Hemiptera
Dobsonflies and alderflies: Megaloptera
Antlions and lacewings: Neuroptera
Beetles: Coleoptera
Twisted wing parasites: Strepsiptera
Hangingflies and scorpion flies: Mecoptera
Flies: Diptera
Fleas: Siphonaptera
Caddisflies: Trichoptera
Moths and butterflies: Lepidoptera
Sawflies, wasps, bees and ants:
Further reading
Index to scientific names
Index to common names