Here Be Lions - A memoir. not suitable for children

Courageous journey towards healing and restoration from child abuse
Brain, Helen
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Author: Helen Brain
Oshun Books
Cape Town, 2006
ISBN: 9781770070578
Soft cover, 13x20 cm, 256 pages


Helen Brain is an award winning children’s book writer. One day she writes a children’s story so dark it is considered ‘not suitable for children.’ She decides to write a book for adults, intertwining the children’s story with memories of her childhood.

Helen is five when her 15-year-old brother first asked her to play ‘25’. When her parents discover her blood stained underwear, they insist she must have ‘sat in red cold-drink’.

Helen is forced to stifle her guilt and shame, as the family guards its terrible secret. Finally, thirty five years later Helen finds the strength to confront her family about her brother’s abuse. Here be Lions describes her courageous journey towards healing and restoration.

About the Author:

Helen Brain has published 14 books in English and Afrikaans for children and young adults. They include the best-selling Fly Cemetery and other Juicy Stories and Tamara, which won the 1999 ATKV Prize for ages 13-15. She lives in Cape Town with her husband and sons and teaches drama part-time.

Media Reviews:

Cape Times (Margie Orford):
„It is in the writing of this memoir, and the shapeliness of the prose itself, where the redemption lies. There is a robust clarity to her language and a truthfulness of expression that redeems something that was ugly and brutal with beauty and integrity.“

Citizen Vibe (Cathy Thompson):
„… it is a disturbing book that will educate the uninformed and inspire those who know stories like Helen Brain's only too well.“

Fair Lady (Jen Crocker):
„It's a staggering story and it is indeed generous of Brain to allow her reader to make the journey with her. Here Be Lions is also a book of literary merit, written with a style and structure that lift it above the average book on the shelves.“