Goodbye Dolly Gray. The Story of the Boer War

Goodbye Dolly Gray is a remarkably prescient and erudite single-volume account of the Second Boer War.
Kruger, Rayne
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Author: Rayne Kruger
Publisher: Galago
Cape Town, 2008
ISBN: 9781-919854-25-01
Soft cover, 17x24 cm, 592 pages, 24 bw- and colour photos, maps, English

Goodbye Dolly Gray ist eine profunde und spannende Beschreibung des Zweiten Burenkrieges 1899–1902.


At the turn of the 20th century the largest army ever to have fought under the Union Jack was battling to extend the control of the British Empire over the gold fields of South Africa. Opposing them were the Boers, Afrikaans-speaking settlers.

The Boer War marked the end of Victorian complacency and the beginning of a century of war. South Africa saw the first major use of machine guns, long-range artillery and barbed wire.

Also here, making their debut on the historical stage, were the men of the 20th century including Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Jan Smuts.

Goodbye Dolly Gray classic account places the Boer War squarely in its social and political settings. The narrative ranges easily from the open spaces of the South African veld to the crowded benches of the House of Commons.

It includes portraits of the main actors in the drama, Lord Kitchener, Cecil Rhodes, Boer leaders like Paul Kruger, Jannie Smuts and Louis Botha and dramatic accounts of the main battles.

It also explores the legacy of the Boer War for South Africa and the British Empire.