Does Kakulu's Mother use Magic?

A nice family story from Namibia
Ridgway, Dawn
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Does Kakulu's Mother use Magic?

Author: Dawn Ridgway
Editor: Build o Book Collective
Publisher: New Namibia Books
Windhoek, 1992
Soft-cover, 21x30 cm, 32 pages, several bw-illustrations

Publisher's announcement:

Kakulu is always last when it comes to getting up and doing his chores. But he is always first at his grandfather's knee to hear the story of how his mother gets food for them all.

The author Dawn Ridgway has wide experience in the field of graphics and printing. She has written for adult literacy magazines and been involved in oral history projcts. Helga Peetz, is a Namibian artist and graphic designer who specializes in black and white illustrations. She has worked on adults literacy programmes, school textbooks and this is her first children's book.

From the text between the illustrations:

In a small village in a remote part of Namibia, there lived a small boy whose name was Kakulu. He had many brothers and sisters. His parents built a big house for all the children.

They built small houses/or all the animals. And an even smaller house for the grain. In the morning the big white cockerel woke up the whole family. Except for Kakulu. [...]


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