Delicious Gifts: Edible Creations to Make & Give

Focusing on rich, complex flavours, but simple techniques, Delicious Gifts: Edible Creations to Make & Give lets everyone find the perfect gift to make or bake.
McCloskey, Jess
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Title: Delicious Gifts
Subtitle: Edible Creations to Make & Give
Author: Jess McCloskey
Publisher: Random House Struik
Imprint: Lifestyle
Cape Town, South Africa 2011
ISBN 9781770079984 / ISBN 978-1-77007-998-4
Softcover, 20 x 22 cm, 128 pages, throughout colour photos


Jess McCloskey's recipes for delicious gifts don't need a great deal of practice or any particular culinary skills. There are only a couple of slightly more complex recipes sprinkled throughout and even those are easily dealt with by following the directions carefully. You should not worry about being 'perfect' - the joy of making and receiving a homemade gift is that it is different from what you can buy in shops. It's very easy to adapt these recipes to individual tastes or what you have to hand. Feel free to change any ingredients that you want. Substitute one chocolate for another, throw in extra nuts, experiment with different flavourings, try something new, use these recipes as a launch pad and make something really wonderful for your loved ones. Creating delicious food should be fun and as devoid of pressure as possible. So dive in, try something out and show someone how great they (and you!) are.

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