Cooked in the Karoo

Cooked in the Karoo will make you want to pack up your car and travel into this painted South African landscape.
Bonello, Justin; Lombard, Helena
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Title: Cooked in the Karoo
Author: Justin Bonello; Helena Lombard
Genre: Cookbook
Publisher: The Penguin Group (South Africa)
Cape Town, South Africa 2014
ISBN 9780143538189 / ISBN 978-0-14-353818-9
Softcover, 19 x 24 cm, 240 pages, throughout photos

Description: Cooked in the Karoo

If you're reading Cooked in the Karoo, it probably means you're already interested in or perhaps love the Karoo: that you don't just think of it as a place you have to avoid at all costs as you speed through it on the Nl. This is the story of all the things you wouldn't expect to find in this vast semi-desert. A window into or a taster of another side of the Karoo, one that is unconventional, extraordinary and filled with rare characters, big wide-open spaces, extreme heat, dust and endless roads. It's a story about the pulse of the Karoo, its people and the stuff that makes them tick. This is a place where I found that hospitality is a way of life, and where stories and long-forgotten dishes come to life in kitchens of yesteryear - a place most people consider hell. But in the words of a Karoo farmer I met on a dusty road one day: 'The Karoo is a place God comes to think.' And in my own words? This is a place I came to, to find myself. I hope that this journey through the Karoo will inspire you to stop, kick up dust, be a little unconventional and discover true Karoo hospitality for yourself.

Content: Cooked in the Karoo

Hantam Vleis fees
Karoo Lamb
A Pinch of SALT
Karoo Seasons
Dwyka Gorge
(Semi) Illegal Camping
Karoo Survival Guide
<Route 62
Pickles and Preserves
En Route to Kruisvallei
Karoo Girl
Swartberg Pass
Karoo Roadside Picnic
Back in Time
Stepping Back in Time
Way Back
Playing in the Dirt: Fossil Hunters
Bushmen Paintings
El Yolo
Karoo National Park
There's a New Merriman in Town
Weather. Water. Food.
Slow Food
Karoo Finger Food
Karoo Feast
Jansenville Angora Farm
Men Who Stare at Goats
Dogs at Work
Flying Lawnmowers
From Snout to Tail
Jacques. Queen of the (Semi) Desert!
Corbettet Houses
Sunday Table
That Brokeback Mountain Moment
Barefott Siela
The End of an Era