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Otjikondo: Another Step on the Journey. 24 success stories

Otjikondo: Another Step on the Journey. 24 success stories

This wonderful book highlights 24 Namibian short biographies und impressing success stories of former students of Otjikondo School Village in north west Namibia.
Schnurr, Michael; Stommel, Claire

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Title Otjikondo: Another Step on the Journey
Subtitle: 24 Success Stories
Author: Michael Schnurr
Design: Claire Stommel
Translation: Gillian Stommel
Publisher: Otjikondo School Village Foundation
Otjikondo, Namibia 2017
ISBN: none
Softcover, 21 x 30 cm, 68 pages, throughout colour photos, text in English and German


Otjikondo: Another Step on the Journey tells 24 success stories of former students, whose choice of profession or studies were influenced, to a large extent, by their Otjikondo experience. "For the poorest of the poor", this principle influenced the life of the founder of Otjikondo, Reiner Stommel. When in 1991, the opportunity arose to start a school on their farm in North West Namibia, he and bis wife Gillian immediately grasped it. Otjikondo should give children living in villages and on farms in deprived regions in the North West of Namibia a chance in life. 25 years later, the founders can look with pride at the school which has again and again been recognised for its outstanding achievements. Otjikondo is witness to the fact that everyone has a chance in life if they are able to discover and develop skills.

Otjikondo is witness to the fact that a good education, regardless of skin colour, ethnic background, social origins or gender, leads the way to a satisfying life and a peaceful future. „We all have dreams and ambitions that we haven't realized, often because we don't know where to start. However, for me Otjikondo is where my life began; it helped me to express my passions and realize my potential in imaginative and constructive ways with a view to help me bring my project to life. At Otjikondo I learnt to be a responsible, hardworking a go getter in life and an honest individual" says Annakie Muvangua, a proud Otjikondonian, and Programme Assistant for the Culture Sector for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Windhoek National Office.

Content: Otjikondo. Another Step on the Journey. 24 success stories

Tuhandeleni Shikongo
Rusuvero Ndjizera
Desley Hitiraukunga
Findje Shithigona
Lahija Awala
Albertina Thanises
Jaqueline Alfredo
Diana Hunibes 8c Geluk Pietersen
Willem Saul
Mighty Ugwanga
Memory Ganoses
Rachel Tjituka
Uapiona Kangumine
Jeanetta Vermaak
Andreas Nawaseb
Rikeke Paulus
Vickson Shimwooshili
Gaps & Volunteers
Berlinda Aebes
Rosemary Mwifi
Mariura Muhenje
Saima Ashipala
Reiner and Gillian Stommel