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Verwoerd: Architect of Apartheid

Verwoerd: Architect of Apartheid

Verwoerd: Architect of Apartheid, interprets Hendrik Verwoerd in the context of the Prime Minister’s times and his own present.
Kenney, Henry

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Title: Verwoerd
Subtitle: Architect of Apartheid
Author: Henry Kenney
Genre: Biography, History
Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers South Africa
Cape Town; Johannesburg; South Africa, 2016
ISBN 9781868427161 / ISBN 978-1-86842-716-1
Softcover, 15 x 23 cm, 320 pages, several photos


Verwoerd: Architect of Apartheid is an appraisal of Hendrik Verwoerd's career in the context of his times. For a man who so dominated South Africa in his heyday, surprisingly little has been written about Verwoerd. There are two book-length studies, each highly unsatisfactory. One is by the former South African Labour M.P., now living in exile, Alex Hepple, and appeared the year after his death. It is readable, partisan, inaccurate and portrays Verwoerd as an authoritarian racist who could not change. At the other extreme is an effort which is so different from Hepple's that one wonders at times whether it is about the same man. Perhaps the flavour of G. D. Scholtz's two-volume, 600-page labour of love can best be conveyed by saying that it should have been subtitled The Man Who was Never Wrong. Now, more than a decade after Verwoerd's death, there should be room for a relatively detached assessment of his contribution to our history. This is both a work of synthesis and analysis. It is a synthesis because it is based on the numerous secondary sources now available, contemporary newspapers and parliamentary debates. The pedants who may complain that this is not a work of "original research" will be correct, but irrelevant. This is not the kind of book I have tried to write, and I freely concede that the definitive work on Verwoerd still lies in the future. Verwoerd: Architect of Apartheid is an analysis because I have tried to clarify, at least for myself, some of the main issues of South African history in this century.

Content: Verwoerd. Architect of Apartheid

Introduction to the 2016 edition Introduction
Formation of a Nationalist
The Years in Journalism
The Unfolding of a Pattern
Tomlinson and Bantu Education
Control and Response
A New Prime Minister
A Change of Course
The Start of a Remarkable Year
The Republic
Prosperity and Dissent
Bantustans and Capitalism
Maker of Foreign Policy
Selected Index