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Photo Calendar Namibia Wildlife 2018

Photo Calendar Namibia Wildlife 2018

Namibia Wildlife is a high-value photo calender on scenes of African wildlife for the year 2018.
Röder, Hartmut; Calegari, Peter

No longer available

€ 29.95
Incl. 19% tax, excl. shipping

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Title: Namibia Wildlife 2018
Photographs: Hentie Burger
Publisher: Peter Calegari
Windhoek, Namibia 2018
Photo calendar, 59 x 29 cm, six colour print, gloss art paper 250g/m³, spot UV-varnish

About: Photo Calendar Namibia Wildlife 2018

Photo Calendar Namibia Wildlife 2018, like its twin, Namibia into Infinity, is a product of Peter Calegari, a Swiss perfectionist, designer and printer based in Windhoek. Calegari claims highest standard quality in choice of images, material and printing every year. Over a year’s run you will get to know your calendar in detail and in some pleasant way get used to its presence - poor photographs, materials and layouts for sure won't lead to such effect. The images of lions, oryx, zebras, elefants, monkies, giraffes, Gnu, wild pig, hyaena and ostrich have been captured by photographer Hentie Burger, who meets international standards. Photo calendar Namibia Wildlife 2018 will be available towards the end of October and may be pre-ordered now. This is not required but makes sure you won’t be affected by the foreseeable short fall of stock as the year draws to a close. Wouldn’t Namibia Wildlife 2018 be a delighting present for fans of South Africa among your family or friends? We will ship it for you to any address you name us. Also, quite a lot calendars are constantly ordered as exclusive gifts for business partners.

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