Wildlife (Hoberman)

A beautiful collection of breathtaking photographs and accompanying adventure stories about wildlife worldwide.
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Title: Wildlife
Author: Gerald Hoberman
Genre: Photobook, coffee-table book
Publisher: Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection
Cape Town, South Africa 1998
ISBN 9781919734422 / ISBN 978-1-919734-42-2
Hardcover, 32 x 25 cm, 176 pages, 164 varnished colour photographs


I have seen wondrous things. I have visited the rarest spots on earth in pursuit of my vision, for I dreamed of building up - and sharing with the world, a collection of indelible images of wildlife, each one thought-provoking, enduring and magical. In the course of this odyssey I discovered majesty in mountains, companionship in people and a deep need to celebrate nature. The wealth of the vast outdoors and its extraordinary animal kingdom, and their continuity over aeons, seem to me to represent our connection ivith infinity. I have had encounters with polar bears and Arctic foxes, and held out my hand to trusting creatures who, never having been hunted or harmed by man, have allowed me the rare privilege of approaching them in the wild. On my journeys I have had several narrow escapes, and have only the grace of God to thank that I am here to tell the tale. My photographs were taken over a period of some 20 years. With this collection, I bring you, with great delight, the summation of my dream - the very best of my wildlife photography. I hope the pictures and the stories behind them will encourage more people to feel connected with, and do their best to conserve, the fast-dwindling natural habitats of the world's diverse and extraordinary fauna and flora. My ultimate dream is that we so appreciate this bounteous heritage that we do whatever is necessary to preserve it for future generations.

Gerald Hoberman (1943-2013)

Content: Wildlife

Falkland Islands & Antarctica
The Galapagos Islands
The Sub-Arctic: Canada & Alaska
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