Birds of Namibia. The Journey continues

Birds of Namibia: The Journey continues gives a new, informative and fresh look at our Namibian feathered friends.
Burger, Pompie
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Title: Birds of Namibia
Subtitle: The Journey continues
Author: Pompie Burger
Publisher: Venture Publications
Windhoek, Namibia 2015
ISBN 9789994579587 / ISBN 978-99945-79-58-7
Hardcover, 21 x 31 cm, 228 pages, throughout colour photos, Text: English

About: Birds of Namibia. The Journey continues

In this 2nd volume of Birds of Namibia, Pompie Burger takes us to the far reaches of Namibia, giving us the lowdown on topics ranging from birds' eyes, beaks, feet, tracks, plumage and nests, to their habits and behaviour, making 'Birds of Namibia. The Journey continues' a page turner. He displays his customary sharp, subtle and inimitable wit, entertaining the reader with the 'humorous' side of birding, while providing a great deal of absorbing information into the bargain.

Bird photography is by no means easy. To capture different perspectives of birds in flight, Pompie has developed his own inventive set of skills. The time and effort he puts into his bird photography are illustrated by the sheer range of his images, from birds depicted in flight, to the cover of his first book with its exceptional shot of a Great Egret preening, and his classic portrayal of a Martial Eagle eyeballing you upside down from between a wing and a leg.

Pompie has spent many hours travelling through this vast country of ours, from the coastal Namib across endless desert plains, through the mopane woodlands of the north-west and the acacia savannahs of the central areas, to the deciduous woodlands and perennial rivers of the far north-east, not to mention Namibia's rich variety of game parks. On these journeys he has captured most of the avifauna represented within the country, including many of the 'near' endemics, not to mention the only true endemic in Namibia, the Dune Lark.

This edition also contains bird-rich localities, such as Dolomite Camp in western Etosha, the Erindi Game Reserve, the Nkasa Rupara (formerly Mamili) National Park in the northeast and also, on a revisit, the Nambwa Lodge & Campsite in the Bwabwata National Park. A hilarious inclusion is the 'moets en moenies" listed a la Pompie in the manual for bird guiders. Birds of Namibia: The Journey continues gives the reader a new, informative and fresh look at our Namibian feathered friends.

Content: Birds of Namibia. The Journey continues

Map of birding hotspots in Namibia
Birding Routes
Stairway to Heaven
The Western Bypass
Midlands meander - the Namibian Way
The top 100 birds of Etosha
Manual for bird guiders
General Anatomy
An eye for an eye
Feet, tracks and toes
Word of mouth
Birds of a feather: about wings, feathers, tails and flying
Birding Hotspots
Kunene River Lodge: the true story of Cinderella/Aspoesterjie
Dolomite Camp
Heaven is on the other side of Drotsky
Erindi Private Game Reserve
Erongo Mountain environs
Antarctica: fifty shades of white
Kalizo Lodge
Nkasa Rupara National Park
Nambwa revisited
Swakop's best birding spot?
The Walvis Bay Lagoon
Bwabwata National Park: Breakfast at Tiffany's
Groups of Bird
Babblers: the nasal whisperers
Bee-eaters: the carmines of Kalizo
Cormorants: like preachers saying grace
Cuckoos: our colourful and noisy nest parasites
Raptors: my favourite birds
Blue Bull Rock and Rollers
Stork party
Sunbirds: in search of Sugarman
Swifts and Swallows
References & Contact addresses
Index to photographs