Why oh Lord? Psalms and sermons from Namibia

Why oh Lord are psalms and sermons from Namibia which were born out of the reality of suffering and the longing for liberation.
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Book title: Why oh Lord?
Subtitle: Psalms and sermons from Namibia
Author: Zephania Kameeta
Publisher: World Council of Churches
Geneva, Switzerland 1986
ISBN 2-8254-0852-2
Softcover, 12x21 cm, 62 pages


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A young fourth-year seminarian sat quietly in his chair, glancing at the clock. It was nearly 11. He raised his hand and asked the lecturer if the class could be excused to listen to the radio. Permission granted, the class hurried towards the radio. It was 21 June 1971. A judge from Pakistan delivered his verdict in an hour-and-a-half broadcast.

The judge overturned a 1950 International Court of Justice ruling that South Africa's mandate in Namibia was legal. Now, the court ruled. South Africa was illegally occupying the territory. The young theology student was Zephania Kameeta. And he remembered later: The broadcast raised our hopes so much. After that we accidentally had the New Testament lecture.

No, maybe the Lord himself asked the professor on that day to discuss that particular passage. All authority has been given by God. And you know in South Africa and Namibia this text is the basis of racial separateness - apartheid - and I don't believe in it. Apartheid is not based on a political ideology, but it is based on religion. And this text is one that is being used in South Africa to justify apartheid. […]