Carl Hugo Hahn Tagebücher / Carl Hugo Hahn Diaries 1837-1860, Part IV

Presented in original German language, this is Part IV of the Carl Hugo Hahn Diaries (Tagebücher) 1837-1860, introducing to the years 1856 to 1860.
Lau, Brigitte
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Title: Carl Hugo Hahn Tagebücher / Carl Hugo Hahn Diaries 1837-1860
Subtitle: A missionary in Nama- and Damaraland 1856-1860, Part IV
Editor: Brigitte Lau
Series Archeia Windhoek Archives Source Publication Series Nr. 4, Part IV
Publisher Archives Services Division of the Department of National Education
Windhoek, South West Afrika/Namibia 1985
Original softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 346 pages, some b/w images, text in diary: German, comments: English


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Jonker Afrikaner always protected the missionaries of his area, but also called them "landseekers who cannot get fed in their fatherland, traitors, preachers of lies, blasphemous twisters of the gospel...". He was also reported to have said: "You are bought by others to tame us. You build a house and appear friendly and then the traders come, people shoot birds and look for spiders (explorers) and the copper diggers. You want to do with us what you did with the people in Little Namaquland - take our land away." Other factors influenced the work (and therefore the writings) of missionaries in Namaland around mid-19th century. They were very isolated individuals, foreigners in vast expanses who depended entirely on the goodwill, care and protection of the various Kapteins and Chiefs who had invited them. If this was withdrawn, their very lives were in danger. Their situation was precarious and essentially insecure. To assess it, they had to rely on extremely rudimentary means of communication, mostly rumours and hearsay. Moreover, these rumours often came from Kapteins who presented the information in such a way as to suit their particular purpose. This part IV of the Carl Hugo Hahn Tagebücher / Carl Hugo Hahn Diaries (1837-1860) consists of Carl Hugo Hahn's writings from 1856-1860.

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