A Peak to Climb. The story of South African mountaineering. Limited editon of 1200 copies

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Burman, Jose
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Author: Jose Burman
Publisher: C. Struik
Capetown, 1966
Original hard cover and dust jacket, 19x24 cm, 176 pages, bw photos


1 - 2. Very good. Limited editon of 1200 copies. This is No. 1048.


This is a story of mountains - and the men who climb them. For the first time the history of South African mountaineering has been told - from the early travellers who meandered up Table Mountain, to the tough young "mechanical" climbers of today, ascending hair-raising crags by piton, etriers, and gymnastics.

But this is no dull historical record, for it contains material that will interest everyone; there are thrills aplenty for the armchair climber, as the pageant of South African history is unfolded. The part played by South African women in this intriguing sport is singled out for special attention, as well as the role of the Mountain Club of South Africa in mountain rescue.

You will even find an answer to that almost unanswerable question -"Why do men climb mountains ?"
Told by an author who is himself a mountaineer, it is a very human story of trials, tribulations, triumph, and tragedy, which go to make up the proud tale of mountaineering.