A Guide to the Common Sea Fishes of Southern Africa

Practical, easy to use and authoritative guide! More than 300 common sea fishes ot the coastal regions of Southern Africa.
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The Common Sea Fishes of Southern Africa

Author: Rudy van der Elst
Editor: Peter Borchert
Publisher: Struik
4th edition, Cape Town 2000
ISBN 9781868253944
Softcover, 17x24 cm, 400 pages, numerous color photos and bw-illustrations


Practical, easy lo use and authoritative, "A Guide to the Common Sea Fishes of Southern Africa" is the culmination of years of preparation and in-the-field experience.

Here more than 324 ot the fishes most likely to be seen or caught in the coastal regions of southern Africa are presented in a manner that will make this book an invaluable companion to anyone with an interest in fish or fishing, angler and biologist alike.

The guide is divided into two sections:

Part 1 covers the sharks, rays and sandsharks, while
Part 2 deals with the bony fishes. Each part contains species descriptions, listed alphabetically in families and species, and an introduction which comprises.

• Numerous black-and-white illustrations explaining aspects of anatomy
• Descriptions of the families, each incorporating illustrations of typical shapes for easy identification, and cross references to individual species.

Each species entry includes:

• A detailed description, including those features which distinguish the fish from similar species
• A full-colour photograph of the fish
• Notes on natural history, incorporating many little-known and interesting aspects of fish behaviour
• Distribution maps showing both local and world ranges
• Details of the latest catch restrictions and where appropriate, angling tips.

Graphs showing age-mass-length relationships for many of the game- and sport-fish are a unique feature of this book. The latest angling and spearfishing records have also been included. Finally A Guide to the Common Sea Fishes of Southern Africa has a comprehensive glossary and is fully indexed.

About the author:

Rudy van der Elst is a marine scientist and director of the Oceanographic Research Institute (ORI) located at uShaka Marine Park on Durban’s beachfront. Over several decades, Rudy has been able to contribute to research that contributes to underpinning marine conservation and wise use of resources along the KwaZulu-Natal coast.