300 Easy-to-See Birds in Southern Africa

300 Easy-to-See Birds in Southern Africa is aimed at beginner birders, or even juniors.
Reynolds, Chevonne; Tye, Nicolas
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Title: 300 Easy-to-See Birds in Southern Africa
Authors: Chevonne Reynolds, Nicholas Tye
Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa (Struik Nature)
Cape Town, South Africa 2015
ISBN 9781775841265 / ISBN 978-1-77584-126-5
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 168 pages, 1000 colour photographs


Sasol 300 Easy-to-See Birds in Southern Africa is designed as a condensed and user-friendly introduction to birdwatching in southern Africa. It describes 300 species that are easy to see in the region and as such is ideal for those who have just begun to develop an interest in birds and birdwatching. The description of each species is divided into three easy-to-follow sections: Find it; Identify it; Understand it. In the 'Find it' section, a general description of the bird's preferred habitat is presented, followed by a helpful hint on where specifically to look for this species. The 'Identify it' section describes the structural and plumage features that are most important for identifying the species. Also, where appropriate, it suggests the easiest ways to distinguish it from others that may be similar or confusing. Finally, interesting aspects of each species' biology are described in the 'Understand it' section.

Although not crucial for identification purposes, the information presented in this section will hopefully enhance the user's appreciation of each species. Although all 300 species in this book are easy to identify, many people will not know where to start. The species have therefore been divided among 10 categories based on a few distinct characteristics. These include habitat preference, body measurements, feeding behaviour and bill shape. Species that are closely related to one another have been included in the same group. Use the descriptions to determine in which category the bird you are trying to identify belongs. Then use the colour-coding to find that category in the book, and search through the individual species descriptions and pictures to identify the bird.

Content: Sasol 300 Easy-to-See Birds in Southern Africa

Birdwatching: a southern African perspective
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