Windhoek. A brief city guide

This brief city guide is an ideal companion while exploring historical locations of Windhoek.
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Book title: Windhoek. A brief city guide
Author: Conny von Dewitz
Publisher: Kuiseb-Verlag
Windhoek, 2009
ISBN 978-99916-40-89-1 (Namibia)
ISBN 978-3-941602-30-4 (Europe)
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 128 pages, many colour and bw photos, maps


This city guide is an ideal companion in your exploration of Windhoek, situated in the heart of Namibia and starting point for all consecutive journeys.

A short text provides you with the historical background. Historical photos and colour photos of the present show the development of a particular building, monument or graveyard.

An additional section is dedicated to the suburb Katutura and elaborates on its history as well as on places worth visiting. Geared with directions to the location and relevant maps will guarantee you to find your destination.

Example: The Felsenkeller Brewery

Erected: 1901-1902; Architect: Robert Schultheiss; Background: The Felsenkeller Brewery has existed since 1901 at its present location in Tal Street.

The original building was erected by the construction company Bauer and Kretschmann for the brewer Karl Bauer (1873-1915) and was inaugurated on 12 May 1902. However, the demand for beer grew with time, resulting in alternations and modifications to the buildings between 1912-1914.

The company Koch & Schultheiss did the construction work. The brewery had its own spring on the premises which however ran dry over the years. The Felsenkeller Breweries became known as South West Breweries since 1920. […]