Katutura. Excursions into Windhoek’s Township

'Excursions into Windhoek’s Township' is a vivid collection of text and photos to demonstrate life in Katutura.
Brockmann, Rolf; Dade, Gunther Christoph
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Title: Katutura
Subtitle: Excursions into Windhoek’s Township
Authors: Rolf Brockmann; Gunther Christoph Dade
Klaus Hess Publishers
Göttingen, 2006
ISBN 9783933117038 / ISBN 978-3-933117-03-8
Softcover, 21 x 15 cm, 184 pages, 156 colour illustrations


Namibia is a very attractive country for tourists. The first impression when arriving in the capital, Windhoek, for all those who know Africa a little, is certainly of surprise. It can't be compared to Lagos, Cairo or Kinshasa at all. It's a different Africa, a well-organized, tidy capital. The journey for tourists usually continues north to the Etosha Pan, to Swakopmund in the west or to the Fish River Canyon in the south. However, hardly any tourist visits Katutura at the beginning or end of his stay. The streams of tourists simply go past Windhoek's largest suburb in which almost 10% of the country's population live. The reader will be guided through this former township. This book will present a collection of text and photos to demonstrate life in Katutura. It will be an excursion full of vivid impressions that will create a living atmosphere. The young man on the book's cover is the Namibian musician Elemotho.

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