What's cooking: With contributions of Namibian Chefs

"What's cooking" is a modern and appetizing recipe book with contributions of Namibian Chefs.
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Titel: What's Cooking
Subtitle: With contributions from Namibian chefs
Contribution: Chantel Loteryman
Publisher: The Namibian Chefs Association (NCA)
Namibia, Windhoek 2009
ISBN 9789991682075 / ISBN 978-99916-820-7-5
Spiral bound, 15 x 21 cm, 102 pages, throughout colour photos


This Namibian recipe book was the brainchild of Chantel Loteryman, who gave up her time and effort to sift through all the recipes submitted by Namibian chefs during the various chef of the year competitions we have hosted. Where possible, the publisher, The Namibian Chefs Association (NCA), has elaborated on the explanations and methods of preparation. Other than that, the recipes are unchanged. "What's cooking" is a compilation of recipes from the following categories within the competition: senior chef of the year, junior chef of the year and school chef of the year. The final section of the book is dedicated to the apple recipes of the Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple project. This publication was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Bank Windhoek. A portion of the sales will be donated to the Cancer Association of Namibia. Keep the kitchen fires burning!