Understanding Elephants

Understanding Elephants is a must-have companion for visitors of game reserves in Southern and East Africa.
Selier, Jeanetta; Henley, Michelle; Hofmeyr, Michele; Garai, Marion E.; Pretorius, Yolanda
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Title: Understanding Elephants
Contributors: Jeanetta Selier; Michelle Henley; Michele Hofmeyr; Marion E. Garai; Yolanda Pretorius
Imprint: Struik Nature
Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa 2017
ISBN 9781775843412 / ISBN 978-1-77-584341-2
Paperback, 14 x 21 cm, 68 pages, numerous colour photos

About: Understanding Elephants

Understanding Elephants examines elephant behaviour and provides guidelines on how to conduct yourself near elephants. Elephants are both charismatic and enigmatic, and when we enter their territory, it is essential that we respect their space and make every effort to understand them and respond to their various behaviours. Understanding Elephants cautions us to be sensitive to their needs, to read the signs, and to act accordingly. It will also help in understanding these highly sensitive, intelligent giants.

This guide, written by a team of wildlife specialists in the field. describes elephant family life, from rearing of infants to establishing dominance within a herd; it unpacks regular elephant behaviour, the matriarchal system, the particular dangers of males in musth, examines psychological and behavioural consequences brought about by social disruption, and many other aspects of their lives. Most of all, it provides guidelines for ensuring safe and enjoyable encounters with these majestic animals.

The Elephant Specialist Advisory Group (ESAG) comprises research, conservation and management professionals who provide specialist advice on elephant-related issues and wild elephant management to private owners and conservation authorities. Contributing authors are Dr. Marion E. Garai, Dr. Lucy Bates, Dr. Yolanda Pretorius, Dr. Michele Hofmeyr, Dr. Michelle Henley and Dr. Jeanetta Selier.

Content: Understanding Elephants

Elephants - the bastes
Elephant facts
Family groups and female behaviour
Male behaviour
Understanding elephant ecology and behaviour
Ecology and the environment
Neurology, intelligence and the effects of trauma
How to watch elephants safely
Signals to look out for
Warning signals and signs of aggression
How to conduct yourself around elephants
Selected bibliography