The Equestrian Monument (Reiterdenkmal) 1912-2014

A chronological documentation of reports, newspaper clippings and photos/illustrations related to the Equestrian Monument (Reiterdenkmal) 1912-2014.
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Title: The Equestrian Monument (Reiterdenkmal) 1912-2014
Subtitle: A chronological documentation of reports, newspaper clippings and photos/illustrations
Genre: Local History
Compilation: Gunter von Schumann; Gordon McGregor
Publisher: Kuiseb Publishers
Namibia Scientific Society
Windhoek, Namibia 2014
ISBN 9789994576265 / ISBN 978-99945-76-26-5
Softcover, 17 x 23 cm, 152 pages, throughout photos and images


The well-known 'Reiterdenkmal' as it is named in German language, is often heard off as 'Reiter Monument' by the Anglophones, and is officially called the "Equestrian Statue" and generally referred to as the "Monument", has become from 25th December 2013 the theme of daily discussions in Namibia and abroad. This publication presents a chronology composed of newspaper articles, documents, reports, photographs, anecdotes, etc. It certainly does not intend to call for controversy. The contents portrays the demise of the Monument from the planning stage 108 years ago, its construction 97 years ago in 1912, up to its removal and relocation into the court yard of the Alte Feste on 25th December 2013 as well as the demolition of its foundations at the beginning of 2014. This chronology gives a time line for the various periods the Monument stood its ground as the country developed and changed.

Contents: The Equestrian Monument (Reiterdenkmal) 1912-2014

Chronology of the Monument
The History Of The Monument, Windhoek
Proposals For A Monument
The Sculptor: Adolf Kürle
Reiter's Sculptor Died Tragically
Construction Of The Monument
Inauguration Of The Monument On The 27th January 1912
A Few Observations On The Monument (Gordon McGregor)
A Monument For All
Remembrance Ceremony At The Monument 1913 or 1914 The Years In Pictures
Narrow Gauge Railway Exhibit And Monument - 1964
Proclamation As A National Monument: 2.1.1969
Remembrance Day: 11.11.1979
Remembrance Day: 10.11.1985
Remembrance Day: 9.11.1986
75th Anniversary: 27.1.1987
Miniature For Sale A Cultural Treasure
Controversial Statuette Might Leave Country!
The Monument In Society - Philately
The Monument In Society - Book Covers
The Monument In Society - Various
The Monument In Society - WIKA Carnival
Monuments Council Appeals For Support
Move The Monument
The Monument Is A Victim Of Vandalism
Depicted By Forums Used For Slander As A Waste Of Money
The Rider Monument: Contested Space (G. Gwasira, B. Kangumu & G. Likando)
Additional Memorial Not Approved
City Icon To Take Last Ride
Let's Not Move History, DTA Leader Proposes
Reiterdenkmal Debate Divides The House
Architects Say Move Of Monument 'Flawed'
Crosses Around The Monument
Moments, Monuments And Memory
Monument With Namibian Flag
An Argument For Keeping Old Names, Monuments
April Fool's Joke! - Monument of Reconciliation
Relocation Of The Horse Monument (Reiterdenkmal)
The First Move 2009
The Monument Is Back Again 2010
Re-inauguration Of The Monument: 14.11.2010
Aerial Views Of The Monument At Different Times
Reimbursements Of Cost Incurred With The Relocation Of The Equestrian Monument
100th Anniversary: 27.1.2012
Kaapanda Lashes Out At Centenary Speech
A Garden Around The Monument
Reiterdenkmal Makes Way For Sam Nujoma
'Reiterdenkmal Must Go' (Kaapanda)
Reiterdenkmal: Government Replies
Firm But Fair: Deceiving In Namibia
Monumental U-turn
General Notice: National Heritage Council Of Namibia
Reiterdenkmal To Be Hidden Away
Statues Are Artifacts Of History
Public Notice: National Heritage Council Of Namibia
Government Presses On With Reiterdenkmal Removal
The Removal And Relocation Of The Monument 25.12.2013
The Destruction Of Pedestal 2013/2014
The Memorial Plaque 2013/2014
Voices and opinions
Heritage Must Stand: So Too Must The Reiterdenkmal (Natangwe Hashoongo)
Keep The Reiterdenkmal (Dr. K. Ndjai)
Reiterdenkmal Removal: A Great Govt Decision (Dr. Ngarikutuke Tjiriange)
Rider: Objections Still Valid (Augetto Graig)
Anger Over The Reiterdenkmal Removal (Theresia Tjihenuna)
Let's Think Before We Leap (Nghidipo Nangolo)
The Reiter Gallops On
Political Perspective (Gwen Lister)
Nujoma Statues Criticised (Ellaine Smit)
It Is A Privilege To Be A Namibian (Dr. Gerhard (Tux) Scholtz)
'Too Ghastly To Comtemplate' (August Maletzky)
Press Statement (Regarding The Proposed Court Case)
The last Chapter Has Not Yet Been Written.....