Table Mountain Information Booklet (Blue Mountain)

The Table Mountain Information Booklet from Blue Mountain with lots of facts, history and legends.
Lourens, Tony
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Title: Table Mountain Information Booklet
Subtitle: Facts, History, Legends
Type: Region Guide
Author: Tony Lourens
Publisher: Blue Mountain Design & Publishing
Cape Town, South Africa 2015
ISBN 9780987040374 / ISBN 978-0-9870403-7-4
Softcover, 9 x 21 cm, 64 pages, throughout colour and b/w photos

About: Table Mountain Information Booklet (Blue Mountain)

This Table Mountain Information Booklet published by Blue Mountain offers compact facts about nature, history and legends. There is no doubt that Cape Town is kept alive by the powerful magic of Table Mountain. She stands unashamedly proud, high above the surrounding oceans, and cradles the city in a protective embrace. Majestic no matter what angle you see her from. Table Mountain has a mood for every occasion. Seldom will she wear the same cloak from one instant to another. On a clear summer’s day she stands proudly etched against a deep azure sky, her grey craggy ridges in crisp, stark relief to her surroundings, almost looming over the city with a visceral presence that exudes a palpable energy impossible to ignore. But catch her on a day when the elements are charged, and you will see a very different side, a side that brings a deep brooding menacing facade, as the thick grey clouds drag viscously across her ominous, precipitous walls, with the rain setting the many ravines, gullies and gorges alive with countless silvery ribbons of waterfalls, cascading in glorious fashion down her vertiginous ramparts to create a myriad of gurgling brooks and rivers.

Content: Table Mountain Information Booklet (Blue Mountain)

How was Table Mountain Formed?
The Weather
Facets of Table Mountain
Suburban Side
Devil's Peak
The Saddle
Cape Town Front
Lion's Head & Signal Hill
The Apostles
Orange Kloof
Top of Table Mountain & Maclear's Beacon
Early Visitors & Historical Ascents
First Ascent of Fernwood Gorge
Interesting history of Lion's Head
How did Lion's Head & Signal Hill get their names?
Gold on Lion's Head
Last Lion on Lion's Head
Sacred burial sites
The chains on Lion's Head
The Noon Gun
How did Kirstenbosch get its name?
How did Kirstenbosch come about?
Flora of Table Mountain
Fauna of Table Mountain
Rhodes Memorial
Fortification on Table Mountain
Queens Blockhouse
Kings Blockhouse
Prince of Wales Blockhouse
The Tale of Van Hunks and the Devil
The Aerial Cableway
The Extraordinary Tale of Joshua Penny
The Waters and Reservoirs of Table Mountain
The Waterworks Museum
Mountain Ethics & Conservation