Rooiberg, Southern Cederberg. A Climber's Guide

This is a fully comprehensive guidebook for rock climbers in the Rooiberg within the Southern Cederberg, Southern Africa.
Lourens, Tony
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Title: Rooiberg, Southern Cederberg. A Climber's Guide
Type: Mountaineering and Rock Climbing Guide
Author: Tony Lourens
Publisher: Blue Mountain Design & Publishing
Cape Town, South Africa 2019
ISBN 9780987040329 / ISBN 978-0-987-04032-9
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 20 pages, throughout colour and b/w photos

Description: Rooiberg, Southern Cederberg. A Climber's Guide

At last we now have a fully comprehensive guidebook for Rooiberg. Over the last few years this area has gained tremendous popularity, due mainly to the sterling efforts of David Mercer and Craig Turvey, who have opened a huge selection of top quality multi-pitch trad routes. Scott Miller, among others, has also made his mark on the crag with an impressive selection of brilliant sport routes. Rooiberg is probably one of the best destinations in the Cederberg for trad and sport at one venue: 22 multi- and single-pitch trad routes, 13 single-pitch sport routes and one four-pitch sport route. The Rooiberg guidebook describes all the routes in detail with top quality topo photos depicting all the lines. It also includes all the normal information one needs, like how to get there, access and best time to go, etc. with a scattering of good climbing pics as well. All in all, a must-have guidebook if you are heading out on a climbing trip to the Cederberg at any time.

Content: Rooiberg, Southern Cederberg. A Climber's Guide

How to get there
Accommodation and lifestyle
When to go
The climbing

Paramour Sector
Sport Routes - Freedom Wall
40 Ounces of Freedom (18/6a) ****
Huge Jugs (18/6a)***
Cool Breeze (17/5c) ****
Too Hot to Handle (17/5c) ****
Trad Routes
Tease (14) **
Paramour (17) ***
Need for Speed (15) ***
Pre-Nup (17) **
Ice Robics (19) ***
Camembert Sector
Sport Routes - Coolio Wall
Slap the Donkey (18/6a) ****
May the Vors be With You (21/6b+) ****
Coolio (21/6b+) *****
Funky Town (2076b) ****
J & B Rare (23/6c+) ****
Twice as Smooth (21 /6b+) ***
Trad Routes
Menage-a-Trois (20) ***
Crazy Town (22) ***
Rosetta (18) ****
Mars Ventures (22) ***
30 Year Old Camembert (22) ***
Chain Rattling Baboon Parlour (18) ****
Laughter of the Baboons (21) ****
Dangerous Liason (18, AO) ****
Knights of Ni! Sector
Sport Routes - Block Buttress
Ethel the Aardvark (15/5a) ****
Lock, Stock and Two (22/6c) ****
Trad Routes
The Knights Who Say Ni! (17) ****
Pyramid Scheme (15) ***
Dead Parrot (19) ****
Norwegian Blue (18) ****
Keeling Squids (20) ****
Fetch Me a Shrubbery (19) *****
Bachelor Bush (19)***
No Shrubbery on this One (22) ****
Pining for the Fjords (19) ****
This Little Piggy Went off the Market
Swazi Kings Sector
Cleaning Boys (24 or 21, AO) ***
Swazi Kings (19) *****
Awkward Ape (19) ****
Crackattack (20/21) ****
Blunt Brothers (17) ***
Kif Kids Sector
Kif Kids (19) ****
That's What She Said (15)***
Subterfuge (16)***
Seamly Deception (18) ***
Book of Lies (18)***
Orgasm Sector
Premature Crack Elation (19) ***
Flake Orgasm (20) *****
Red River Crag
Sport Routes
Hanna Savana (18/6a) ***
Aussies Wedding Gift (19/6a+) ***
Mantis (26/7b) ***
Kargen (24/7a) ***
Where do I get my Handbag (22/6c)
Trad Routes
Hot Ginger (12)**
Naughty Nurse (10) *
Panza Frau (16)***
Sugar Bunny and Tiny (14) **
Duck Ass (18) ***
Fritzel von de Kelder (17)***
Sunrise Arete (10)***
Little Urchin Foot (18)***
The Ghetto Gecko (17)***
Hexentric Groove (15) **