SWAPO Captive

SWAPO Captive is a tell-all expose on life as a SWAPO captive in the infamous death dungeons where SWAPO turned on its own and unleashed untold suffering.
Angula, Oiva
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Title: SWAPO Captive
Subtitle: A Comrade's Experience of Betrayal and Torture
Author: Oiva Angula
Imprint: Zebra Press
Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa 2018
ISBN 9781776093618 / ISBN 978-1-77-609361-8
Softcover, 15 x 23 cm, 179 pages

About: SWAPO Captive

A young Namibian goes into exile to join SWAPO’s military wing, PLAN, in the late 1970s. After dedicating his life to the movement, a series of purges within the organisation lead to him being wrongfully branded an apartheid spy and traitor. So begins Oiva Angula’s terrifying story of betrayal and torture by his comrades, which culminates in imprisonment in the omalambo, the hidden torture and death pits in Lubango, Angola, into which he, along with many others, is cast and left to die. SWAPO Captive threads together personal narrative and national history, including childhood impressions that hint at a racially segregated existence, the rising tensions sparked by the apartheid regime’s rule over South West Africa, his father’s role in early liberation movements, and Angula’s own politicisation and decision to join the struggle. SWAPO Captive reveals little-known narratives from ‘the other side’ of the Border War: life in a PLAN training camp, political education in the Eastern Bloc, and a foot soldier’s role in the war for independence. Oiva Angula also addresses the ‘wall of silence’ imposed after independence in Namibia with respect to war crimes committed by SWAPO, condemning the party that claimed to fight for freedom for all.

Content: SWAPO Captive

Crying Freedom
Aboard the Nationalist Train
A New Journey
A Guerrilla Recruit
The 'Big Fish' Drama
Cannibal Struggle
Days of Pain, Nights of Torture
One-way Ticket to the Omalambo
Life at Omungakwiyu and Ethiopia
Nujomas Faux Pas
A Promise of Freedom
Postscript: Roses Bring Back Memories of Our Dark Past
Bibliography and Further Reading

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