At risk: Writing on and over the edge of South Africa

There is something immediate and unforgettable about the experience of reading these stories of At risk - writing on and over the edge of South Africa.
McGregor, Liz; Nuttall, Sarah
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Book title: At risk: Writing on and over the edge of South Africa
Editors: Liz McGregor; Sarah Nuttall
Publisher: Jonathan Ball
ISBN 978-1-86842-271-5
Cape Town, South Africa 2007
Softcover, 13x20 cm, 246 pages


Living with risk is part of living in South Africa now. Violent crime and AIDS pose bodily threats. Dizzying shifts in race and class rock one’s sense of identity. Ethically, one is daily challenged by rampant need in the face of plenty. In fact, society as a whole feels as if it is a giant experiment that could very well go wrong. But it could also succeed.

In each of these narratives, something, or someone, is at risk. Written in registers of the unexpected – surprise, shock, bewilderment as well as uncertainty, scepticism and doubt – the pieces form a second wave of South African writing. They cut loose from the grand narratives of apartheid and the themes of confession and redemption born of the fledgling democracy.

These personal, intimate accounts blow the lid off our South African age. All of the contributors is associated with WISER (Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research), which produces cutting-edge work on contemporary South Africa and hosts journalists, writers and public intellectuals.

Content: At risk. Writing on and over the edge of South Africa

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