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Rocks & Minerals of Southern Africa Pocket Guide

Rocks & Minerals of Southern Africa Pocket Guide

From the series Pocket Guide this is Rocks & Minerals of Southern Africa.

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Book title: Rocks & Minerals of Southern Africa
Series: Pocket Guide
Author: Bruce Cairncross
Publisher: Randomhouse Struik
Cape Town, South Africa 2010
ISBN 9781770074439
Softcover, 11x18 cm, 160 pages, throughout colour photos


Southern Africa's rocks and minerals span an enormous region boasts a wealth of mineral deposits. This handy pocket guide presents a selection of the most common, fascinating mineral species to be found here.

Each entry includes:

• full-colour photographs
• a concise description
• uses, both historic and current
• detailed information on where in the region species are found.

The physical and diagnostic characteristics of each mineral are summarized in tinted panels, and handy icons show other important information at a glance. In addition, the rock section discusses how the three main rock types form. A comprehensive glossary explains difficult technical terms. Compact and easy-to-use, the Rocks & Minerals of Southern Africa Pocket Guide will be invaluable both to amateur and budding collectors.


Igneus rocks
Sedimentary rocks
Metamorphic rocks
Credits & acknowledgements

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