Re-Viewing Resistance in Namibian History

Re-Viewing Resistance in Namibian History brings together the output of experienced academics and a new wave of Namibian historians.
Silvester, Jeremy; Namhila, Ellen Ndeshi; Hillebrecht, Werner; Shiremo, Shampapi; Mbenzi, Petrus Angula; Hoffmann, Anette; Likuwa, Kletus Muhena; Henrichsen, Dag; Kangumu Kangumu, Bennett; Nambadi, Aaron; Mashuna, Timoteus; Akawa, Martha; Nampala, Lovisa
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Title: Re-viewing Resistance in Namibian History
Editor: Jeremy Silvester
Authors: see content
Genre: History
Publisher: University of Namibia Press
Windhoek, Namibia 2015
ISBN 9789991642277 / ISBN 978-99916-42-27-7
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 328 pages, some b/w photos


Re-Viewing Resistance in Namibian History brings together the work of experienced academics and a new wave of young Namibian historians who are working on a range of public history and heritage projects, from late nineteenth century resistance to the use of songs, from the role of gender in SWAPO's camps to memorialisation, and from international solidarity to aspects of the history of Kavango and Caprivi. In a culturally and politically diverse democracy such as Namibia, there are bound to be different perspectives on the past, and history will be as plural as the history-tellers. The chapters in this book reflect this diversity, and combine to create a remarkable collection of divergent voices, providing alternative perspectives on the past. Re-Viewing Resistance in Namibian History writes 'forgotten' people into history; provides a reading of the past that reflects the tensions and competing identities that pervaded 'the struggle'; and deals with 'heritage that hurts'.

Description: Re-Viewing Resistance in Namibian History

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Map of Namibia
Introduction: Re-Viewing Resistance, Liberating History
(Jeremy Silvester)
Transforming the Traumatic Life Experiences of Women in Post-Apartheid Namibian Historical Narratives
(Ellen Ndeshi Namhila)
Hendrik Witbooi and Samuel Maharero: The Ambiguity of Heroes
(Werner Hillebrecht)
The Vagciriku-Lishora Massacre of 1894 Revisited
(Shampapi Shiremo)
Revolutionary Songs as a Response to Colonialism in Namibia
(Petrus Angula Mbenzi)
Of Storying and Storing: 'Reading' Lichtenecker's Voice Recordings
(Anette Hoffmann)
Colonialism and the Development of the Contract Labour System in Kavango
(Kletus Muhena Likuwa)
Liberals and Non-Racism in Namibia's Settler Society? Advocate Israel Goldblatt's Engagement with Namibian Nationalists in the 1960s
(Dag Henrichsen)
The Caprivi African National Union (CANU) 1962-1964: Forms of Resistance
(Bennett Kangumu Kangumu)
Brendan Kangongolo Simbwaye: A Journey of 'Internal' Exile
(Bennett Kangumu Kangumu)
The Kavango Legislative Council
(Aaron Nambadi)
The 1978 Election in Namibia
(Timoteus Mashuna)
Waking the Dead: Civilian Casualties in the Namibian Liberation Struggle
(Jeremy Silvester and Martha Akawa)
Okongo: Case Study of the Impact of the Liberation Struggle in the Ohangwena Region
(Lovisa Tegelela Nampala)
The Liberation Struggle Inside Namibia 1966-1989: A Regional Perspective from the Kavango Regions
(Herbert Kandjimi Karapo)
The Gendered Politics of the SWAPO Camps during the Namibian Liberation Struggle
(Martha Akawa)
Solidarity with Liberation in Namibia: An Analytical Eyewitness Account from a West German Perspective
(Reinhart Kössler)
Finnish Solidarity with the Liberation Struggle of Namibia: A Documentation Project
(Pekka Peltola)
Colonial Monuments in a Post-Colonial Era: A Case Study of the Equestrian Monument
(Helvi Inotila Elago)
Comment: Colonial Monuments - Heritage or Heresy?
(Andre du Pisani)
Heritage Education in the School Curriculum: A Critical Reflection
(Gilbert Likando)