Not again Van der Merwe: Volume 2

This is the second volume of the van der Merwe joke collections with another 100 good laughs.
Koenderman, Tony; Langen, Jan; Viljoen, André; Lombard, Darryl
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Title: Not again Van der Merwe
Subtitle: Volume 2 the second 100 van der Merwe stories
Compilation: Tony Koenderman; Jan Langen; André Viljoen
Illustration: Darryl Lombard
Genre: Joke book, humour
Publisher: Lorton Publications
Hillbrow, South Africa 1976
ISBN 0620021640 / ISBN 0-620-02164-0
Original softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 55 pages, numerous drawings


Good. Very few traces of usage.


The success of the first book of van der Merwe jokes made publication of this second volume, "Not again Van der Merwe", inevitable. At the time of writing, the first book has run through four impressions, with sales of more than 40 000 in South Africa, plus another 10 000 for the edition published in Rhodesia. An Afrikaans translation has been published, and the total sales put the book well into the best-selling class among South African publications. Reaction has been, without exception, favourable and it has convinced the compilers of one thing: that old myth about South Africans being unable to laugh at themselves is totally fallacious. Reviews in both the English and the Afrikaans press have been enthusiastic and even the Prime Minister has been quoted as telling van der Merwe jokes, and what could give Van more respectability than that?