Missing & Murdered

The report Missing & Murdered, a personal adventure in Forensic Anthropologie, is a facinating introduction to old, and not so old, bones.
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Title: Missing & Murdered
Subtitle: A personal adventure in Forensic Anthropologie
Authors: Alan G. Morris
Genre: Crime novel, South Africa
Publisher: Random House Struik
Imprint: Zebra Press
Cape Town, South Africa 2011
ISBN 9781770223615 / ISBN 978-1-77022-361-5
Softcover, 15 x 23 cm, 280 pages, numerous b/w and colour photos


Missing & Murdered is very different from anything published before in this field. It is a gripping read that will appeal to the expert and layperson alike, and it proves thatforensic anthropology isflourishing in southern Africa. In fact, South African forensic anthropologists and thefascinating cases they have investigated have a great deal to offer the broaderfield of forensic science elsewhere in the world. What can human bones tell us of a person's life, or even death? How can information from bones solve mysteries both modern and ancient? And what makes the study of skeletonised human remains so imperative in southern Africa? The answers to these and other questions are contained in Missing & Murdered, which lays bare the fascinating world of forensic anthropology. People are fascinated by forensic science as a means of solving crimes, and in this book Alan G. Morris follows the pathway into forensics via the fields of anthropology and anatomy. He makes the practice of forensic anthropology, the skills base of skeletal biology and the study of archaeological skeletons hugely accessible to the layperson in a series of fascinating South African cases, from muti murders and political killings to the work of the Missing Persons Task Team.

Content: Missing & Murdered

List of Abbreviations
The Role of the Forensic Anthropologist
The Lab Analysis
Murder and Mayhem
Muti Murders
The TRC and the Victims of Political Violence
Archaeological Remains
Death as a Growth Industry

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