Map Guide Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

The Map Guide to Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, offers compact yet specifically edited and photographically illustrated information alongside with maps and photos.
Lourens, Tony
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Title: Map Guide Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa
Type: Rock Climbing and Hiking Guide and Map
Author: Tony Lourens
Publisher: Blue Mountain Design & Publishing
Cape Town, South Africa
ISBN 9780986980428 / ISBN 978-0-9869804-2-8
Fold-up brochure, both-sided print, maps and photos

Description: Map Guide Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain is one of the most famous landmarks on the planet, and it is small wonder why. It stands as a great vertical escarpment overlooking the fairest Cape in the world, extending its seemingly protective flanks in the form of Devil's Peak on the one side and Lion's Head on the other, to cradle the city of Cape Town at the very tip of Africa, giving a panoramic picture of incomparable beauty. So stunning is this perfect mountain in this perfect setting that Table Mountain has been voted as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. This unique brochure is a photographically illustrated map inset with top quality photos showing the various walking routes and also a variety of pictures depicting different areas of the mountain. There is also detailed informative text on history, geography, flora, fauna, hiking descriptions, what to take on walks, emergency info and a wealth of other interesting information.

Content: Map Guide Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

Hoerikwaggo: Mountain in the Sea
The formation of Table Mountain
Early visitors and first recorded ascent of Table Mountain
Historical ascent of Table Mountain
The waters and reservoirs of Table Mountain
The areal cableway
Maclear's Beacon (1088m)
Snakes and Lizards
The weather
Interesting facts about Table Mountain
Walking up Platteklip Gorge
Walking up India-Venster
Exploring the top of the Table
Walks along the top of the Table
Walks along the Western Table
Circular walk to Maclear's Beacon
What to take on the walks
Information on fauna and flora
Useful information