Lewis Nkosi. The Black Psychiatrist / Flying Home

Lewis Nkosi: The Black Psychiatrist / Flying Home is dedicated to the astounding South African writer and literary critic Lewis Nkosi (1936–2010).
Starck-Adler, Astrid; Henrichsen, Dag
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Title: Lewis Nkosi. The Black Psychiatrist / Flying Home
Subtitle: Texts, Perspectives, Homage
Editors: Astrid Starck-Adler; Dag Henrichsen
Basler Afrika Bibliographien
Switzerland, Basel 2021
ISBN 9783905758887 / ISBN 978-3-905758-88-7
Hardcover, 15 x 22 cm, 468 pages, a few colour photographs

About: Lewis Nkosi. The Black Psychiatrist / Flying Home

Lewis Nkosi: The Black Psychiatrist / Flying Home is dedicated to the astounding South African writer and literary critic Lewis Nkosi (1936–2010). In this book, Nkosi’s celebrated one-act play “The Black Psychiatrist” is published together with its unpublished sequel “Flying Home,” a play on the satirically fictionalized inauguration of Mandela as South African president. Critical appraisals, tributes and recollections by scholars and friends reflect on the beat of his writing and life. An ideal book for those encountering Lewis Nkosi for the first time as well as for those already devoted to his work.

Content: Lewis Nkosi. The Black Psychiatrist / Flying Home

Astrid Starck-Adler & Dag Henrichsen
From the Desk of the Writer
The Black Psychiatrist
Lewis Nkosi
Lewis Nkosi’s Emblematic Play The Black Psychiatrist
Astrid Starck-Adler
Flying Home!
Lewis Nkosi
Lewis Nkosi’s Airport Play Flying Home!
Astrid Starck-Adler
For Juliet’s Lost Birthday
Lewis Nkosi
From the Desk of the Critic
The World of Johan van Wyk
Lewis Nkosi
“Listening to the Voices in the Streets and the Songs I Hear”
Lewis Nkosi interviewed by Tiisetso Makube (2006)
Appraisals and Perspectives
Lewis Nkosi, the Motherless Child
Litzi Lombardozzi
H.I. E. Dhlomo and Lewis Nkosi’s Historical Imagination, or Meeting Lewis Nkosi in Warsaw in 1989
Ntongela Masilela
“I’m Crazy ab out The Black Psychiatrist”: Lewis Nkosi from Page to Performance and the Notion of Ubuntu
Deborah A. Lutge
Eros and Politics. The Work of Lewis Nkosi Read through Milan Kundera’s
Antonio Dalla Libera
Facing Forward and Backward: Lewis Nkosi’s View of Modernism in African Literature
Cheela Chilala
The Analytical and the Colonial Situation. Power Relations Shaping the Psychoanalytic Encounters in Wulf Sachs’s Black Hamlet and Lewis Nkosi’s Mating Birds
Clara Schumann
Lewis Nkosi – Home and Exile and Mandela’s Ego
Véronique Tadjo
Rereading Mating Birds
Lucy Graham
Literature and Apaartheid: The Reception of Lewis Nkosi in France
Astrid Starck-Adler
Poems, Letters, Conversations and Reminiscences
Ale zibn temen fun der velt/ All seven themes of the world
A retsept oyf tsu makhn a tsimes / A recipe how to make Zimes
A kholem in a regn / A dream in the rain
Unterer Rheinweg
Michael Felsenbaum
Healing of Wounds of the Way / Zaphola ungophola lezongozi
Sandile Ngidi with Vusi Mchunu
Jiving in Cape Town
Zukiswa Wanner
Lewis Nkosi: A Letter out of Season (with Preface to Patterns of Poetry in Zimbabwe by Lewis Nkosi)
Flora Veit-Wild
Happy New Year, Dear Lewis
Janice Harris
Scarred Human Beings – Reminiscenses
Bennie Bunsee
The Lewis I knew
Randolph Vigne
Lewis Nkosi, Cosmopolitan Exile
Itala Vivan
The Lusaka of Lewis Nkosi. A Memoir
Stephen Chan
Lewis Nkosi At the University of Zambia, 1979–87
Hugh Macmillan
With Lewis Nkosi in Laramie, Wyoming: Pleasures of the Text and of his Company
Ray Mizumura-Pence
Lewis Nkosi at the English Seminar, University of Basel, 2001–2009
Therese Steffen
Memories of Lewis Nkosi
Philippe Olivier-Achard
A Publisher’s Delight
Annari van der Merwe
Lewis Nkosi and My on-and-off Encounters
Peter Ripken
Remembering Lewis Nkosi: An Urban Intellectual Extraordinaire, Born in Durban
Lindy Stiebel
Many Wor(l)ds in One Satchel: Lewis Nkosi at Ike’s Books
Jo Rushby
In the Room with Lewis Nkosi
Ben Williams
Lewis Nkosi – His 80th Birthday Celebration
Ian Campbell-Gillies
Andries Botha
For Lewis Nkosi
Betty Govinden
Forever Colossal
Raks Seakhoa Morakabe
List of Illustrations
Notes on the Contributors