Jewish Life in South West Africa / Namibia: A History

Full of most interesting biographies, the book Jewish Life in South West Africa / Namibia: A History, was published by the Windhoek Hebrew Congregation after many years of compliation.
Windhoek Hebrew Congregation; Horwitz, Pearle; Horwitz, June; Newman, Richard; Saks, David; Caplan, Perri; Pütz, Joachim 'Joe'; Pupkewitz, Harold; Levinson, Olga; Davis, Nissen; Davis, Sam; Schulman, Mark
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Title: Jewish Life in South West Africa/Namibia
Subtitle: A History
Authors: Pearle Horwitz, June Horwitz, Richard Newman, Joachim 'Joe' Pütz, Perri Caplan, David Saks, Harold Pupkewitz, Moshe Silberhaft, Candy Müller, Heidi Müller
Publisher: Windhoek Hebrew Congregation
Windhoek, Namibia 2014
ISBN 9789994578948
Softcover, 23 x 22 cm, 445 pages, numerous photographs

About: Jewish Life in South West Africa / Namibia: A History

'Jewish Life in South West Africa / Namibia: A History' provides the first full recounting of the history of Namibian Jewry, both in terms of its inner workings as a Jewish community and in its impact on the wider society of which it was always an integral part. It tells the story of the Jewish families and individuals who, as settlers in the colony of South West Africa and subsequently as citizens of the Republic of Namibia after 1990, together wove a worthy segment of the greater tapestry of Jewish history. It is a story well worth documenting. Not only does it constitute a precious legacy for the descendants of those pioneers, but is also of much historical value in a broader sense since that small Jewish presence had an enormously significant influence on the society and development of the young Namibian nation.

Content: Jewish Life in South West Africa / Namibia: A History

Chairman's Message
In Memoriam: Harold Pupkewitz
Notes to the Reader
PART 1: The General History of the Jews of Namibia
CHAPTER 1: Jews of Namibia: The Pre-1915 Period

Pre-Colonial Namibia
Possible First Jewish Influences
Into the Unknown - The First European Settlers
The First Jewish Pioneers
The German Arrival
The Jews - Where From and Why?
Why Here? The Attractions of Deutsch Sudwestafrika
Points of Entry - the Example of Swakopmund
Getting Organised - the Example of Swakopmund
Other Jewish Communities in SWA in the Early Years
Jewish Influence from Afar
Anti-Colonial Wars, the Second Rebellion (1904-1907)
The Rinderpest
The Diamond Rush (1908)
CHAPTER 2: The Early South African Era (1915-1939)
World War I and the End of German Rule in SWA
The Influenza Pandemic of 1918
The Windhoek Hebrew Congregation
The Great Depression: Collapse of the Diamond Industry
CHAPTER 3: War Years
Tragedy in Europe, 1933-1945
CHAPTER 4: Life as a Jew in SWA/Namibia
Adapting to an Alien Land
The Jewish Population: Growth and Decline
Zionism and its Echoes in SWA
Jewish Spiritual and lay leaders
CHAPTER 5: The Road To Independence
Swapo and the Namibian War of Independence
The South West Africa Problem and the International Community
Resolution and Transition, 1978-1990
CHAPTER 6: Namibian Jewry In The Independence Era
The Jewish Community in the 1990s
The African Jewish Congress
Namibia and the State of Israel
Jewish Life in Namibia: Its Legacy and the Future
PART TWO: The Jewish Contribution to the Development of SWA/Namibia
Introduction Farming
Commerce, Trade and Industry
Transport and Related Services
Construction and Related Professions
Mining and Prospecting
Fishing and Shipping
Medicine and Health Care
Politics and Civic Administration Education, Culture, Arts and Media Sports
Hospitality Services
Organisations of Civil Society - Benevolence and Community Development
PART 3: Family Histories: A collection of writings on 152 Jewish families of SWA/Namibia
Jewish Families/Individuals Not Covered in Part 2
Newer Members and Associates of the Windhoek Hebrew Congregation (post 2000)
Dates of Arrival and Places of Birth of Jewish Pioneers in SWA/Namibia
Graves in Jewish Cemeteries in Namibia
"Jewish Communal Activity in Windhoek:
Notable Record of Devoted Service" (Nissen Davis, 1959)
"Yiddishe Voortrekkers of S.W.A." (Sam Davis, 1973)
"The Jewish Contribution to the Development of Namibia" (Olga Levinson, 1982)
"Oy Africa" (Mark Schulman, 2004)
Address to the African Jewish Congress, Johannesburg, 2005 (Harold Pupkewitz)Bibliography
PART 4: Appendices
PART 5: Indexes
Index of Women
Index of Families
Topical Index