Fiela's child

The novel Fiela's child is a powerful creation of time and place with dark threads of destiny and oppression.
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Title: Fiela's child
Author: Dalene Matthee
Editor: Stephen Gray
Series: Penguin Modern Classics
Genre: Narrative
Publisher: The Penguin Group (South Africa)
Cape Town, South Africa 2006
ISBN 9780143185437 / ISBN 978-0-14-318543-7
Paperback, 13 x 20 cm, 310 pages


Acclaimed and well-loved South African writer Dalene Matthee was born in Riversdal in the Western Cape in 1938. After studying and teaching music she began writing children's stories and later short stories and novels for adults in Afrikaans. Her works have been translated into more than fourteen languages. The first to appear in English was the best-selling Circles in a Forest, followed by Field's Child, both of which were made into feature films, The Day the Swallows Spoke, The Mulberry Forest and, in 2004, DreamForest. Field's Child is a novel classic about the fate of a white child that, after he had gone lost in the Knysna Forest, was found and brought up by a Coloured family.

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