Delville Wood. July 1916

No battlefield on all the Western Front was more bitterly contested than was Delville Wood in July 1916.
Uys, Ian
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Title: Delville Wood. July 1916
Author: Ian Uys
Publisher: Uys Publishers
1st edition. Heidelberg, South Africa 1983
ISBN 0620066113 / ISBN 0-620-06611-3
Original hardcover and dustcover, 15x22 cm, 398 pages, many b/w photos


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Delville Wood was the bloodiest battle ever fought by South Africans. Through this action other nations learnt to respect the fighting qualities of the men from the fledgling Union of South Africa. Erstwhile foes, Boer and Briton, fought shoulder to shoulder against the pride of the German army. They withstood waves of attacking infantrymen, were subjected to savage artillery fire which reached a crescendo of seven shells a second, pulverising the wood and obliterating the defences, then fought hand-to-hand until overrun, threw back the enemy and fought on with unbelievable tenacity. The bone-weary survivors defended the wood through five days and six nights of hell, eventually being forced into a corner of the wood. The orders were to hold the wood at all costs, and this they did. The saga of Delville Wood will never be forgotten by South Africa, yet the story of the battle, told through the eyes of the participants, was never fully documented, a story which reads like fiction yet is wholly true.

Content: Delville Wood. July 1916

The First South African Infantry Brigade
Flanders and the Somme
Bernafay Wood and Trones Wood
14.07.1916 Longueval village
15.07.1916 Taking the wood
16.07.1916 In-fighting
17.07.1916 Holding on
18.07.1916 The bombardment
19.07.1916 The bitter-enders
20.07.1916 Relieved
Roll of Honour
Officers at the Somme
Mentions in Despatches
Bibliography and sources

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