David Levin of Twyfelfontein

David Levin of Twyfelfontein is a nice book on Namibian local history and a farmer's biography.
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Title: David Levin of Twyfelfontein
Subtitle: The unknown story
Genre: Local history; biography
Authors: Michiel Levin; Mannfred Goldbeck
Publisher: Gondwana Publishers
Windhoek, Namibia 2014
ISBN 9789991688879 / ISBN 978-99916-888-7-9
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 89 pages, numerous b/w and colour photos


Twyfelfontein encompasses thousands of years of history. It connects us to our hunter-gatherer ancestors who chiselled into stone, beseeching the gods for rain, luck for the hunt and protection for their people. These engravings, etched into the red sandstone cliffs, remain in the Twyfelfontein 'cathedral of prayer', protected by the dry Namibian weather. The Levins, who farmed there from 1947 to 1964, kept a watchful eye on the engravings during their time on the Twyfelfontein farm. Their life story brings light to the early life of the Afrikaner settlers who battled to endure in the arid land, never losing hope even when sources of life remained doubtful in this remote area. David Levin of Twyfelfontein is a nice account on Namibian local history and a farmer's biography.

Content: Duwisib. David Levin of Twyfelfontein

David's birth and childhood
David on his own
Married life
The trek to Dobbelsberg
To the Kaokoveld
Arrival at Twyfelfontein
The struggle for water and the origin of the name Twyfelfontein
Making a living on Twyfelfontein
Life on the farm
Main sources of income
Karakul sheep
It's official! Buying Twyfelfontein
Twyfelfontein's twins
Developing the farm
The Twyfelfontein children
Going to school
The last years at Twyfelfontein
End Note
Photo credits