Cross of Honour

The Cross of Honour is South Africa's premier decoration awarded to members of the SA Defence Force between 1952 and 2003.
Uys, Ian
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Title: Cross of Honour
Author: Ian Uys
Publisher: Uys Publishers
1st edition. Gemiston, South Africa 1992
ISBN 0958317321 / ISBN 0-9583173-2-01
Original hardcover and dustcover, 17x24 cm, 196 pages, many b/w photos


Very good. Clean and fresh inside. Book was signed by Ian Uys 10 1992.


During the past 30 years the South African security forces' border operations and anti-terrorist actions often had them fighting insurgents and conventional forces in pitched battles. Their bravery in contacts and fire-fights, in rescues and various hazardous duties such as bomb disposal is worthy of the highest praise. One reads of a SAAF helicopter pilot who noticed that a friend's helicopter was under heavy fire, so he switched his lights on to attract fire away from his comrade. The same pilot was later to land in an enemy camp to rescue the crew of a downed helicopter, who were being chased by a patrol. A jet pilot whose Buccaneer was out of ammunition dive-bombed enemy tanks to keep them from overrunning his forces.

The heroism of the Special Forces, or Recces, became legendary. We read the unbelievable but true stories of two-man teams who crept into enemy camps, sometimes hundreds of miles from their bases, to gather vital information. Some were discovered and had to extricate themselves from impossible situations, such as the frogman team which attacked an enemy bridge then fought their way out - in some cases against crocodiles with knives! The Naval heroes range from the seaman who remained inside the sinking SAS President Kruger to rescue friends, to the frogmen who went inside the sinking MV Oceanos to ensure that no passengers remained in the cabins.

Through these pages one realises what incredible valour our young men of all races have displayed. Their example should act as inspiration to all South Africans in these difficult times. The Honoris Crux (Cross of Honour) was South Africa's premier gallantry decoration awarded to members of the Defence Force between 1961 and 1991. The stories behind over 300 of these awards and other medals for bravery are graphically told, ranging from outstanding valour in all types of warfare to exceptional heroism displayed in saving lives. For these soldiers, sailors and airmen the common denominator was courage, and the Cross of Honour.

Content: Cross of Honour

Table of Contents
The decorations awarded
List of decorated servicemen and policemen
List of Honoris Crux awards
1961-1974 Insurgency and Police actions
1975 Operation Savannah
1976 Beginning of the Border War
1977-1980 Retaliation over the Border
1981 The return to Angola
1982 A series of disasters
1983-1985 Fighting intensifies as Cubans increase
1986-1987 Operations Modular and Coolidge
1988-1990 Prelude to peace
1991 The Oceanos saga

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