German Medals, British Soldiers and the Kalahari Desert

The South West Africa Commemorative Medal with the "Kalahari" Bars awarded to The Imperial British Forces
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German Medals, British Soldiers and the Kalahari Desert

Author: Gordon McGregor
Namibia Scientific Society
Windhoek, 2007
ISBN 978-99916-40-74-7 (Namibia)
ISBN 978-3-936858-89-1 (Germany)
Soft cover, 15x21 cm, 103 pages, many bw- and colour photos


This book endeavours to portray the unique occurrence when Imperial Germany awarded her medals en-bloc to Imperial British troops for an operation deep in the Kalahari Desert in the northern part of the British colony of the Cape of Good Hope early the previous centaury.

This operation was against Morenga and his band of followers and resulted in the Battle of Eenzaamheid on 20 September 1907.

At this battle Morenga and the majority of his followers were killed and when the German colonial authorities learned of this they were so relieved that Morenga, who was a thorn in the side of the Imperial German colonial administration, was dead that they decided to award the South West Africa Commemorative Medal, with the bar 1 Kalahari 1907', to those members of the force that had defeated him en-bloc.

This was to be the one and only time that such an en-bloc awarding of Imperial German medals to Imperial British forces occurred and as such is unique in history.

Also told is the story of the awarding of Imperial German medals to members of the British Bechuanaland Protectorate Police Force who assisted the German colonial authorities in tracking down Simon Koper and his band also deep in the Kalahari Desert.

This led the German colonial troops to organise a foice to pursue Simon Koper into his hideout in the Kalahari Desert and engage him.

This force engaged Simon Koper at the Battle of Seatsub and defeated him there and was generally known as the 'Kalahari Expedition'.

Again the German colonial authorities were relieved that the last of the thorns in the side of the German colonial authorities had been eliminated that they also awarded the South West Africa Commemorative medal but with the bar 'Kalahari 1908' to them.

This book is a must for every historian and colonial collector dealing with the former colony of German South West Africa and the activities of Imperial British Military forces in Southern Africa.

About the author:

Gordon McGregor was bom and grew up in Benoni, Gauteng (formerly Transvaal), South Africa. After having completed his military service in the former South West Africa, he left for Germany, where he resided for a year. Upon return he decided to reside in South West Africa. He initially received training as a communications technician, and thereafter completed his training as an electrician.

His interest in German Colonial Troops started at an early age and was fuelled by his arrival in South West Africa. It triggered an interest in collecting and researching medals, badges and insignia from that period.

He is a founding member and past president of the 'Militaria Collectors' Society of Namibia', as well as a member of the 'Bund Deutscher Ordenssammler', the 'South African Military Medal Collectors' Society' and the 'Orders and Medals Society of America'. He has published various books and written extensively on the medals, badges and insignia of the country from the pre-colonial times to the present day.


Jakob Morenga
The awarding of the medal
The Medal
Name lists - Kalahari 1907
Simon Koper
Name list - Kalahari 1908


Adams, Sub-Inspector,
Adams, G. H. E. Private,
Albutt, J. H. Private,
Alurisfontein, place called,
Amadab, place called,
Arahoab, place called,
Archer, Mr.,
Ash, E. G. H. Private,
Aubes, place called,
Austin, W. Private,
Austin, Sergeant,
Awadoab, place called,
Baerecke, Major,
Bames, W. T. Private,
Bartlett, W. H. A. Private,
Battle of,
Bech, Richard, Hauptmann,
Berlin, City of,
Berseba, place called,
Bersebera, town of,
Biydeverwacht, place called,
Bondelswart, tribe of,
definition of,
Bowles, W. Private,
Boxer Rebellion,
British Bechuanaland Protectorate,
Brydges, H. Lance-Corporal,
Burger, G. C. M. L. Private,
Burges, E. Sub-Inspector,
Burgoyne, C. F. Private,
Butler, W. E. Corporal,
Butterfield, J. W. Private,
Cape of Good Hope, colony of,
Cape Mounted Police,
Cape Mounted Riflemen,
Cape Times, newspaper,
Cape Town, town of,
Can-, R. Private,
Chamasis, place called,
Clan William, town of,
Clarke, J. R. Private,
Clarke, W. E. Private,
Cnydas, place called,
Colonial Commemorative Medal,
Colonial Office,
Under Secretary of State of,
Corlett, D. R. Lance Corporal,
Cowley, A. J. Lieutenant,
Currie, H. M. B. Sub-Inspector,
Currie, R. E. Corporal,
Dalling, G. Private,
Dawignab, place called,
Deimling, Bertold von, Oberst,
de Klerk, H. A. Private,
Distinguished Service Order,
Dollery, J. Private,
Downing Street,
Eagle, G. Private,
Eason, H. V. Inspector,
Eksteen, J. Private,
Eliott, C. A. C. Private,
Eliott, F. A. H. Major,
Elgin, Earl of,
Engelbach, E. Y. Private,
Erckert, Friedrich von, Hauptmann,
Estorff, Ludwig von, Oberstleutnant,
Fahlgras, place called,
Fearlick, M. Sergeant,
Fettkluft, place called,
Foreign Office,
Under Secretary of State of,
Francois, Curt von. Major,
Fredericks, Cornelius,
Freeman, H. Private,
Fuller, C. W. Private,
Fumivall, J. R. Corporal,
Gaede, Arthur, Leutnant,
Gaibis, place called,
Galloway, J. A. Private,
Gamsibkloof, place called,
Gash, T. Sub-Inspector,
Geinab, place called,
German South West Africa, colony of,
officially declared pacified,
German Units,
2. Batterie,
1. Ersatzkompanie,
3. Kompanie,
11. Kompanie,
12. Kompanie,
Artillerie-Zug Halske,
Maschinengewehr-Zug Nr. 4,
Imperial Secretary of State for War,
Gillbee, G. F. Private,
Glover, G. Private,
Gochas, place called,
Gordonia, district of,
Grace, H. D. Private,
Great Britain,
Colonial Office,
Edward VII, King of,
George V, King of,
Green, M. J. Private,
Gregory, E. J. Sergeant,
Greve, Wilhelm, court lithographer,
Grey, Sir Edward,
Grüner, Waldemar, Hauptmann,
Hagen, Eberhard von dem, Hauptmann,
Hanenfeldt, Paul von, Oberleutnant,
Hardinge, Sir Charles,
Harrisdale Hotel,
Harvey, A. St.G. Inspector,
Haywood, H. G. Private,
Hely-Hutchinson, Sir Walter Francis,
Hendrik, Hans,
Henwood, A. J. Corporal,
Hersey, S. G. Lance-Corporal,
Heuck, Hauptmann,
Heydebreck, Joachim von, Oberstleutnant,
Hodson, A. W. Inspector,
Hope, C. Lance-Corporal,
Hornhardt, Alexander von, Hauptmann,
Howard, R. A. Private,
Hubach, W. Private,
Humboldt, H. P. von, German Consul-General,
Irwin, W. Private,
Izaak, Samuel,
Jerusalem, military post,
Jones, C. Private,
Kalahari Desert,
Kalkfontein, town of,
Kauas, Nama tribe,
Koper, Isaak,
Koper, Simon,
Kouchkanas, place called,
Kalkfontein, town of,
Keller, Kuno, Leutnant,
Khuis, place called,
Killingbeck, J. D. Private,
King, C. E. Private,
King, J. Private,
Klipdamm, place called,
Kotze, C. F. J. Private,
Kwan, place called,
Lambert, Andreas,
Lamount, C. H. Private,
Landsdowne, Lord,
Langley, W. Mr.
Lathrope, E. J. Private,
Ie Roux, G. D. Private,
Leutwein, Theodor, Major,
Lewis, J. D. Lance-Corporal,
Longklip, place called,
Lonsdale, H. E. Private,
Louw, Gert, scout,
Louw, Willem, scout,
Loynes, B. A. Private,
Maercker, Georg, Major,
Mafeking, town called,
Mander, A. Sub-Inspector,
Marks, C. Lance Corporal,
Maycock, Mr. W,
McDonald, D. Private,
McDonald, T. Private,
McGregor, Gordon,
Melbourne, Australia,Mettemich, Count zur, P,
Miller, A. Private,
German Marks,
Pounds Sterling,
Montgomery, R. Private,
Morenga, Jakob,
Morris, Eduard,
Morris, Jakob,
Morrison, J. Private,
Greater Karras,
Lesser Karras,
place called,
police station,
Nanab, place called,
Newton, A. Private,
Nickoll, J. Private,
Noasanabis, place called,
Noibis, place called,
Noreseb, Manasse,
Nunub, place called,
O'Conner, E. J. Private,
Ogg, W. G. Private,
Oostingh, H. Private,
Orsmond, J. D. Private,
Pabst, Oberleutnant,
Pansera, Colonel,
Parker, C. W. J. Private,
Pattle, F. M. C. Private,
Persip, place called,
Pilkington, R. private,
Piquetberg, place called,
Pittuck, H. T. Private,
Porter, D. H. Private,
Pretorius, Cornelius, scout,
Pretorius, Karel, scout,
Pretorius, Stoffel, scout,
Pringle, A. Private,
Prieska, town of,
Order of the Royal Crown, 2nd Class, with Swords,
Order of the Royal Crown, 4th Class, with Swords,
Quincey, C. F. Private,
Rafferty, J. Private,
Ramansdrift, place called,
Rausch, Oberleutnant,
Richter & Nolle G.m.b.H., company named,
Riggs, F. W. Lance-Corporal,
Ritter, Hermann, Hauptmann,
Robertson, S. R. A. Sergeant,
Rooinasie, Nama tribe,
Rutland, H. D. R. Corporal,
Ryves, W. Private,
'S' squadron,
scouts, non-European,
Schultz, Otto, die-sinker,
Schuckmann, Bruno von, Governor,
Scott, R. D. Private,
Selboume, Lord,
Siebert, Franz, Hauptmann,
Sikes, J. H. Sergeant,
Simon, W. L. Corporal,
Sloan, G. F. Private,
Smith, A. Private,
Smith, W. B. Squadron Sergeant-Major,
Somaliland Protectorate,
South West Africa Commemorative Medal,
bar, Kalahari 1907,
type l,
type 2,
bar, Kalahari 1908,
Certificate of Possession, Bronze,
Certificate of Possession, Steel,
cost of,
Spencer, C. E. W. Captain,
Stage, Paul, Oberleutnant,
Stempel, Baron Nikolai von, Leutnant,
Stigent, C. W. Private,
Stolberg, Wilhelm Prince zu,
Stolzenfels, place called,
Surmon, W. B. Inspector,
Swakopmund, town of,
Tanner, Sergeant,
Taylor, J. Private,
Terblanche, H. E. Private,
Titties, Jakob, scout,
Tokai prison,
Uhabis, place called,
Ukamas, town of,
dinner at hotel,
Uppeby, J. Private,
van Eeden, J. M. Private,
van Rooisvlei, place called,
Velskoendragers, Nama tribe,
Volkmann, Richard, Hauptmann,
von Below, C. L. G. Corporal,
Wakefield, H. S. Corporal,
Wallace, J. Private,
Ward, F. Private,
Warmbad, town of,
Watkins, G. Private,
Webber, C. Private,
Wesley, W. H. Lance-Corporal,
Westemhagen, Edel Hans von, Leutnant,
Weyers, M. A. Private,
Whitson, C. B. R. Private,
Wilhelm II, German Emperor,
Willeke, Franz, Hauptmann,
Williams, R. Private,
Windhoek, town of,
Witbooi, Hendrik,
Witboois, Nama tribe,
Witpan, place called,
Woodford, H. Private,
Woon, Inspector,
Zwartfontein, battle of,
Zwartmodder, police station,
1914-1918 war,
24th parallel