Visitor's Guide to the Kruger National Park (Mapstudio)

Visitor's Guide to the Kruger National Park is a detailed map and informative guide with best routes and GPS points.
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Title: Visitor's Guide to the Kruger National Park
Scale: various
Genre: Atlas; Travel and Nature Guide
Publisher: Mapstudio
3rd edition. Cape Town, South Africa 2017
ISBN 9781770269125 / ISBN 978-1-77026-912-5
Softcover, 21 x 30 cm, 29 pages, throughout maps and photos

About: Visitor's Guide to the Kruger National Park (Mapstudio)

Visitor's Guide to the Kruger National Park by MapStudio includes detailed maps with GPS points, an overview map of the panorama route, eco-zone maps with descriptions and maps of the main camp sites. The guide provides detailed fauna & flora descriptions throughout, detailed description of the Big Five, illustrated dominant topography regions, a checklist for birds & mammals, and a wildlife identification guide. Also included in the guide are handy hints & tips, visitor's facilities, gate times & phone numbers, contact details and booking information. The guide lists travel times between camps and a distance chart. The Kruger National Park offers visitors a variety of activities, many of which offer environmental interpretation by trained guides. These include guided game drives - including night drives - and guided bush walks (both of which are offered from most camps), as well as bush braais and breakfasts at selected camps, seven three-night Wilderness Trails, the four-night guided Lebombo 4x4 Ecotrail, mountain bike trails, golf at the Skukuza Golf Course, and a night at the Shipandani Sleepover Hide near Mopani.

Content: Visitor's Guide to the Kruger National Park (Mapstudio)

Map of the Mpumalanga Panorama Route
Kruger National Park Eco-Zones & Topography
Kruger National Park driving maps:
Crocodile Bridge to Skukuza
Paul Kruger to Sweni
Orpen to Olifants
Letaba to Mopani
Bateleur to Sirheni
Punda Maria to Pafuri
The Birds of the Kruger National Park
The Mammals of the Kruger National Park
Kruger's Very Important Information for Visitors


Detailed maps with GPS points
Overview map of the Panorama Route
Eco-Zones map with descriptions
Maps of main camp sites
Detailed fauna & flora descriptions throughout
lllustrated dominant topography regions
Wildlife identification guide
Detailed descriptions of the Big Five
Handy hints & tips
Visitors' facilities & info
Distance chart & travelling times
Contact details and booking information
Cate times & phone numbers
Travel times between camps
Checklist for birds & mammals
Over 100 colour illustrations of Kruger's birds with names & sizes
Over 50 colour illustrations of Kruger's mammals with names & sizes