Kirstenbosch: A visitor's guide

A colourful and highly informative visitor's guide to South Africa's extraordinary park, Kirstenbosch.
Paterson-Jones, Colin; Winter, John
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Title: Kirstenbosch: A visitor's guide
Authors: John Winter; Colin Paterson-Jones
Publisher: Randomhouse Struik
Imprint: Nature
Cape Town, South Africa 2013
ISBN 9781775840220 / ISBN 978-1-77584-022-0
Softcover, 21 x 28 cm, 32 pages, throughout colour photos and maps

Decription: Kirstenbosch. A visitor's guide

This guide to Cape Town's world-famous botanical garden traces the history and development of Kirstenbosch, from its establishment in 1913 to the spectacular showcase of indigenous flora it is today. Prominent features of the garden are described, such as the Protea, Erica and Restio gardens, the Dell, Conservatory and Camphor Avenue, as well as floral highlights of the four seasons. A layout map makes for easy navigating, and indicates walks and climbs that can be undertaken in and from the garden. Colourful photographs portray the extraordinary beauty of the garden, both its spectacular flora and its setting against the backdrop of Table Mountain, and make this a worthy memento of Kirstenbosch.