Van der Merwe: 100 stories, first published collection

This is the first volume of a very popular series of South African van der Merwe joke collections and consists of 100 jokes and stories.
Koenderman, Tony; Langen, Jan; Viljoen, André; Lombard, Darryl
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Title: Van der Merwe
Subtitle: 100 stories - first published collection
Compilation: Tony Koenderman; Jan Langen; André Viljoen
Illustration: Darryl Lombard
Genre: Joke book, humour
Publisher: Lorton Publications
Hillbrow, South Africa 1976
ISBN 0620016973 / ISBN 0-620-01697-3
Original softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 55 pages, numerous drawings


Good. Very few traces of usage, slightly light stained.


The character of legend emerges best from the jokes told about him, which show a simple countryman who sometimes appears baffled when confronted with the sophisticated artifacts of modern society, and he has a tendency to miss the point. But at other times the uncomplicated directness of a man of the land can show up the superficial deviousness of a more "with it" mind. It's easy to identify, too. with the small man struggling, and mostly failing, to beat the system. And in these times of rapid change, it is also easy to feel sympathy for someone who can't quite keep pace. Van der Merwe is, let's face it, a racialist, but he is not simply a mindless bigot. Rather he is subject to the love-hate relationship with Blacks which so many South Africans have. It is a relationship born out of the common understanding of Africa and of the land, coupled with the fear of racial domination. We make no apologies for including a few racial jokes, for they reflect an essential side of the character. He's a miraculous amalgam of all that makes each nationality what it is, and every man is the richer for being able to laugh at himself. It is a tribute to the strength of character of South Africans that our Everyman is so well defined, so universally known, and so widely loved.

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