UNTAG in Namibia: A New Nation is Born

'UNTAG in Namibia: A New Nation is Born' is an information script published by United Nations Transition Assistance Group in Namibia.
United Nations Transition Assistance Group in Namibia
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Title: UNTAG in Namibia
Subtitle: A New Nation is Born
Publisher: United Nations Transition Assistance Group in Namibia
Windhoek, Namibia 1990
ISBN 9211004349 / ISBN 92-1-100434-9
Original softcover, 30 x 24 cm, 55 pages, throughout colour photos


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About: UNTAG in Namibia. A New Nation is Born

'UNTAG in Namibia: A New Nation is Born' tells some of the story, mostly in pictures, of one of the largest and most complex operations the United Nations has ever put into the field -UNTAG, the United Nations Transition Assistance Group. UNTAG's purpose was to ensure that the people of Namibia, who had long endured colonialism and apartheid, could finally enjoy free and fair elections, and exercise a genuine choice as to their future. This was done under authority of the Security Council's Resolution 435, and it took just under a year, nearly $400 million, and the total commitment of more than 8,000 United Nations men and women from more than 100 countries working from 200 locations throughout the length and breadth of a vast, arid, and beautiful country. The Secretary-General gave his continuous personal leadership and support to UNTAG, smoothing its path at each critical juncture.

Only posterity can objectively estimate UNTAG's success. But we, who served in the operation, believe the result speaks for itself: Registration exceeded all expectations, and more than 97% of the electorate voted in profoundly peaceful elections from 7-11 November 1989. They elected 72 men and women from seven political parties to a Constituent Assembly. On 21 November, it began to meet in Windhoek. A fully democratic Constitution was approved, by consensus of the Assembly, on 9 February 1990, and 21 March 1990 was set as the official date for independence. 'UNTAG in Namibia: A New Nation is Born' is in no sense an official account, and it does not reflect the views of the United Nations. Instead, it was produced in the field by UNTAG members for UNTAG members. It celebrates our common experience in helping to smooth the path of history during that year when Namibia at last came to enjoy its freedom and independence.