This is Namibia

This is Namibia is a very popular illustrated book on land and people of Namibia.
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Title: This is Namibia
Authors: Gerald Cubitt and Peter Joyce
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2010
ISBN 9781859742815 / ISBN 978-1-85974-281-5
Hardcover, dustjacket, 23x29 cm, 160 pages, throughout colour photos


Namibia, the youngest of the African nations, gained its independence as recently as 1990 after a century of controversial colonial rule. It is also one of the most scenically arresting countries, sprawling majestically over the western region of the southern subcontinent. Namibia is an arid, vast and mostly desolate territory, covering an area larger than the state of Texas, four times the size of the United Kingdom. It is also a land of many faces. Extending almost 2000 kilometres along the bleak and forbidding Atlantic seaboard is the Namib, the world's oldest and perhaps most fascinating desert, a strange, silent, hauntingly beautiful wasteland of shifting dunes. Here the rivers rarely flow and their sandy beds may be bone-dry for years on end.

To the east is the high central plateau and the charming city of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, where the architecture bears witness to Namibia's historical links with Germany. To the north lies a more fertile and populous region, notable for its great alluvial plain created by the Okavango River and the other watercourses which flow down from Angola to feed the huge, shallow depression known as the Etosha Pan, centrepiece of one of Africa's most splendid game parks. Namibia's rich and fascinating diversity of people, places and wildlife is here captured on film by internationally renowned photographer Gerald Cubitt. The reader is taken on an enchanting tour through the towns and villages, past the diamond fields and game reserves, along the canyons and mountain ranges, beside the ocean and rivers, and across the endless desert.

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